Because Your Cause Is Also Our Cause!

We are an online fundraising platform connecting people with causes they care about. We provide charity partners and change-makers with a platform to create a positive impact through custom solutions.

Achieve your fundraising goals in a few clicks. Our leading-edge fundraising tools make it easy for passionate people to fundraise for a cause that matters to them and us.

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Because You Are Our True Heroes!

GivingX helps registered charities, nonprofits, individuals, and community organizations raise money online. With us, fundraising is simple and seamless. Save time to focus on raising donations.

We consciously recognize the great power we have to shape the world and the lives of those we share it with. We are more than just an easy way to give or make a difference, we are an enterprise dedicated to creating a better world.

Whatever It Takes, We’re There For You

GivingX helps you raise funds for a person or cause that matters. We are ready to support the cause of your choice. Are you ready to make an impact?

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    Hit Goals, Win Donations

    From creative to environmental, from saving a dying species to securing a child’s health, if you have a passion for a cause and an idea that resonates with others, share your journey with us. Reach a wide audience and grow strong relationships with a community of supporters through us.

    GivingX provides the best tools for you to plan, draft, and execute amazing fundraising campaigns. We are proud to host a range of deserving initiatives that are no longer an option, but a priority.

    We help fundraising projects reach their success.


    In Love & Charity, There Is No Excess

    Sometimes, you have to rise above the ordinary to do the extraordinary. You now have the power to make a profound impact on individuals who need help and causes that need attention.