Share Your Message Out, Make Every Effort Count

Share your message on social media. Grow your audience base and build communities around the cause. Engage with people, share resources, and help them stay informed about issues that matter to them.

GivingX enables social media sharing of donation pages. It is now easy to share posts for donation across popular social sites such as Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter from a single dashboard.

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Boost Visibility & Increase Donation

Make your cause known to millions and garner support for your nonprofit through social media. GivingX makes sharing easy across social media channels to help nonprofits achieve their fundraising goal.

Drive traffic from social media channels into your donation page for free. Make it easy for followers to donate by adding a click-through to your page.

  • Reach billions of people by sharing your donation page link

  • Attract new donors while keeping existing donors engaged

  • Spread the word about the cause and your charity’s mission

  • Allow the audience to participate and feel more engaged

  • Showcase your charity’s real-world impact

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how impact

Small Budget, BIG Impact

Promote your nonprofit on social media and find donors to help you in the fundraising mission. GivingX makes sharing simple. Now you’re on the road to more awareness of your charity, donations, and volunteer opportunities.

  • Fundraising

  • Cause recognition

  • Donor recognition

  • Share news

  • Volunteer recruitment



Alone we can do so little. Together, we can make the world better.

Engage with those who support and appreciate your work for your community. Find those who believe in your work. Now is the time to advocate and accomplish your donation goal.