GivingX Team Fundraising:

GivingX's ability is now available to organizations and teams who wish to fundraise collaboratively.

Introducing GivingX Team Fundraising

What makes GivingX Team Fundraising so special?

GivingX Team Fundraising was created to assist small and big organizations in collecting donations together. We provide you all of the great elements of our individual campaigns, plus additional tools to help you cooperate and fundraise together, such as speedy set-up and social sharing capabilities.

Divide Responsibilities

Every team member has the ability to submit updates, thank funders, and spread the word about the campaign.

Organize your squad

The efforts of each team member to the campaign are tracked on dashboards.

Encourage your coworkers

Leaderboards for fundraising encourage friendly rivalry to increase donations.


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How Team Fundraising Works?
Set up your GivingX campaign and ask your friends, family, neighbors, and colleagues to join your fundraiser team
Once your squad or organization has signed up, each member will receive their own unique link that they may use to spread the word about the campaign.
Using the statistics on your live leaderboard, monitor your team's fundraising efforts and encourage healthy competitiveness.