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    How Can GivingX Help You

    How Can GivingX Help You

    GivingX gives you the tools you need to raise funds for whatever the cause may be. We offer you limitless opportunities to instantly impact local and global communities with your crowdfunding campaign. Make your campaign profitable and successful by creating pages easily and fast on GivingX. No startup costs. No hidden fees. A click is all you need to launch your fundraiser right away!

    Extend a helping hand to your community

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    Why Choose GivingX

    Our Promise

    With your support and love, we want to establish GivingX as a dependable platform for online fundraising. Together, we will work to transform the world, one step at a time.

    Our Commitment

    We are committed to building a beautiful world where doing good is the purpose, empathy is the motivator, GivingX is the tool, and abundance in giving is the result.

    GivingX Website & App

    Our advanced tech platform is accessible and approachable to all making fundraising easy and effortless. We provide the best crowdfunding experiences, absolutely FREE!

    Keep The Data + More Features

    Get access to a host of features including, easy payment options, seamless integration, deep data analysis, and much more in our simple and powerful crowdfunding platform.

    Our mission is simple: Help make the world a better place

    GivingX supports individuals and charities working for a better world. We provide you with a tech platform that is easy to get started and scale up without any technical assistance.

    We've set out on a mission to aid the helpless.

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