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    How Can GivingX Help You

    How Can GivingX Help You

    The power of social media and friends and family can be used to collect funds through crowdfunding on GivingX for free! When people’s daily burdens become too difficult to bear, we bring relief to their lives by connecting them with people that care and are willing to lend a helping hand.

    We are International

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    Why Choose GivingX

    Our Promise

    We empower individuals and nonprofits to raise funds for a range of social and personal causes.We have an opportunity to shape the world and we will help others to do the same.

    Our Commitment

    We want it to make it easy for people to join in , get involved, celebrate diversity, support others, advocate for their rights, and be valued through this platform.

    GivingX Website & App

    Our powerful website and mobile app make your fundraising easy, effortless, and accessible to those in need.We pioneer tech innovations that aid in fundraising.

    Keep The Data + More Features

    With easy payments, seamless integration, detailed reporting, and easy - to - use tech tools, we have a host of features and one huge agenda - to make a difference.

    Our mission is simple, help make the world a better place.

    We make it easy for anyone to start a fundraiser and harness the power of people of goodwill across the globe to support the causes they care about.

    We've set out on a mission to aid the helpless.

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