July 27, 2022

10 Donation Drive Ideas to Support Your Community

10 Donation Drive Ideas to Support Your Community

Community fundraising is a fantastic way to help your community of friends and neighbors who are your family. Unlike personal fundraisers, community fundraising needs large grants. So, it is crucial that you come together and brainstorm fundraising ideas and goals to support your community.

Online fundraising platforms are the best bet when you want the donation drive to reach a wider audience. You start getting funds instantly. In tandem, you’ll need to implement other solid donation drive ideas to support your community.

Start Crowdfunding

In this blog, we tell you ten community fundraising ideas that are easy to implement and can help you solicit maximum donations when you work together with your family, friends, and neighbors. Let’s get started now.    

 1. Create and sell

The best part about creating and selling stuff or services is that you can raise money with whatever skills you have. You might be an expert in painting, sewing, baking, or even gardening. Try selling some of your creations for the specific purpose of fundraising. You don’t have to be incredible in whatever you choose to sell. For example, gather people who are experts in knitting or baking in your community and make stuff to sell. Promote it on social media explaining the cause for raising funds. Set up a donation page on GivingX, an online fundraising platform, and share the link on social channels encouraging people to buy items as a part of the donation to your charity.

 2. Crowdfunding

One of the easiest and most popular methods of fundraising is crowdfunding, courtesy of the power of social media. Search for free crowdfunding sites with advanced features such as GivingX. It is a wonderful way to raise money instantly and it is also possible to target people who might be specifically interested in the fundraising cause.

In crowdfunding, several thousands of people donate a pound or two and this, in turn, transforms into an enormous collection. The key here is to share the page link set up on the online fundraising platform with as many people as possible. And yes, your page must be convincing and informative compelling the prospects to donate.

 3. Community classes & workshops

If you have a bunch of volunteers ready to help you, try setting up community classes. The aim is to teach them some special crafts that are in demand and make them self-sufficient by setting up an online store to sell their goods. For example, you can raise money to buy a print machine and teach them to make on-demand prints on t-shirts, mugs, and bags. Similarly, you can teach them dancing, painting, coding, gardening, and many other vocational courses. Make them invest in themselves by teaching something new so that it prepares them for the future. Set up a donation page on GivingX, a community fundraising website, and raise money to buy the course materials and equipment so that they can learn to hone a skill or two and make a livelihood out of it.  

 4. Email campaign

If making a personal fundraising pitch is challenging for you, try emailing prospective donors. Build an email campaign to raise money for your community. Email campaigns work well for community fundraising rather than raising funds for personal projects or something similar. Set up a donation drive on a good online fundraising platform, take the help of an email marketing tool, and create engaging emails complete with videos and images to send to your donor list. Another clever idea is to segment the donor list based on their giving frequency or the previous donation amount and send personalized emails to each segment list. This increases the chances of them clicking on the donation link.

If you like the idea of writing personal letters to some select donors in the community, you can even do that. An individualized touch has the highest possibility of working in your favor and it can help you collect more money for your community fundraising idea.      

 5. Community walk-a-thons

Walk-a-thons and marathons are great fundraisers for the community. They bring families and different communities together in a fun atmosphere. Arrange the walk-a-thon course to pass through some scenic landscapes and historical places so there are plenty of opportunities for the participants to understand your community. Anyone can participate in the walk-a-thon either by walking, being a spectator, or sponsoring a walker.

 6. Community tourist walks

If your community is in and around a locality of historic or cultural importance, arrange for tourist walks for people to understand and appreciate it. Charge a fee from the tourists. Start a community profile on various social media platforms and request tourists to share their walk photos on their profiles tagging your community. Set up a donation page on GivingX, a free online fundraising platform, and share this link on your social channel. Even the tourists can reshare it in their circle so that you get enough donations to support your community.

 7. Yard sale fundraisers

Clean out your closets, garages, and storage units to look for items to donate. Encourage people in your community to do the same. Collect all the good items and arrange a yard sale. To get more people to attend the community fundraising event, arrange it after church services or near some cafeteria or parking lot of a commercial complex. Offer pick-up services for high-ticket items such as furniture and electronics. Host this yard sale fundraiser event on weekends so that you get enough crowd.

 8. Business sponsorship

Business sponsorship works well for your community if you have their interests at heart. Businesses invest in your local area, helping in improving them, and in return, they get footfall and sales. And of course, they receive good publicity and advertising. For instance, you can talk to businesses interested in setting up hotels in your locality. You make it easy by helping them scout for appropriate locations and other formalities. You advertise their business in your community and in return, they donate money to help you support your community.

 9. Host events

Instead of you arranging for events, you let others host events in your community. For example, you invite a sports board to hold a fundraiser match between two football clubs or invite a science community to organize an event in your city. You sell tickets for the event and raise money for your fundraiser. Hosting such events helps your community gain recognition. It also serves as an opportunity for your community members to promote their business during the events. You can also arrange for site-seeing for the event participants at a nominal amount, helping you raise more money.

 10. Fundraising activities

There are hundreds of community fundraising ideas that appeal to all age groups. If you are fundraising for the community, keep it simple and fun. Raffles, treasure hunts, sweepstakes, pub quizzes, bike rides, car washes, pet walks, and gala dinners, there are tons of creative ideas to help you raise the required money. Planning for events is crucial when hosting activities. So, make sure you have an army of volunteers at your disposal who are ready to help you at all times. And of course, start any fundraising activity by first setting up a donation page on Giving X, an online fundraising platform, and then sharing it on social media channels. This way you promote the activity as well as share the donation page link to raise maximum money.      

Launch your community fundraiser today

You are doing great work when you support your family, friends, and neighbors in your community. Use all the above donation drive ideas to help promote community fundraising.

Whether it is a one-time fundraiser or an ongoing fundraiser, GivingX, an online fundraising platform, is the best for you to empower your community. It is easy to set up and share. And you can initiate a withdrawal as soon as you start receiving funds. Start your free community fundraising idea today.