April 28, 2022

10 Easy and Affordable Ways to Thank your Donors

10 Easy and Affordable Ways to Thank your Donors

You or someone you love might be in need of funds. You start your online fundraisers with the hope to collect adequate donations. The online fundraising platforms are perfect to set up a donation page for crowdfunding.  

When you are done collecting funds for a cause or to help an individual, the next task on your list is to thank the donors. If you have set up a donation page for crowdfunding on an online fundraising platform, it is easy to thank the donors by posting it on the page. If you have a website, you can set up a separate page to thank the donors. Whatever the ways, thanking the donors is the key to nurturing long-term relationships with them and strengthening the crowdfunding community.     

Saying Thank You to the donors inspires repeat donations from them and also helps you in building trust and loyalty. A small gesture of yours to say Thank You in return for their selfless contribution can help them feel appreciated and give a greater meaning to your cause.  

Essentials of saying ‘Thank You’ to donors

Before we get creative with ways to say Thank You, let’s see how we can make the golden words ‘Thank You’ effective.

Say Thank You on time

Make it a point to write a Thank You note within 10 days of receiving the donation. When donors feel appreciated for their contribution, they may not hesitate to donate again. Also, this enhances positivity in them and motivates them to donate more to your cause as well as others.

Make it authentic

Thanking your donors is not a courtesy call nor is it an obligation. It has to come from your heart. When you send a Thank You note to your donors, include the human touch. Make it personal and authentic. Write about the interaction you had with them and create a personalized note adding relevant details that will make them feel important.

Tell them about the impact

Did the donation make an impact on the cause? If yes, why not explain it to the donor? Tell them about the difference their donation has made to the cause. It will make them believe in the good work they are doing. Along with the Thank You, write the “before and after” story and how the funds have been utilized to have a positive impact on the beneficiaries.

Give credits to the donor

When you put the donor forward instead of your organization, you celebrate their donation. For instance, instead of saying “Our organization was able to fund the surgery through your donations”, it is better to write “Your donation helped fund the surgery”. Give credit to the donor where it is required. This will ensure they build a strong relationship with your organization.

Update them regularly

One Thank You note isn’t enough if you have to nurture a solid relationship with donors. Keep sending them regular updates, event invites, and volunteer activity reports of the organization. Always include one line of gratitude in all the subsequent emails. This will help them stay in touch with your organization and they will not hesitate to fund causes again or sign for recurring donations.

10 easy and affordable ways to thank your donors

Now that we have outlined ways to make the Thank You effective, let’s see some creative and affordable ways to say the golden words “Thank You” to the donors.

 1. Handwritten note

The traditional way of thanking your donors through a handwritten note has its own charm. It instantly grabs the attention of the donors. Do not limit to sending notes only when you receive funds from the donor. Additionally, send them cards and notes for Christmas, anniversaries, birthdays, and other special occasions. Involve your team to write and mail letters. You can be creative and attach special gifts or coupons inside the letter.

 2. Phone call

What better way than personally call the donors and say Thank You. It doesn’t require effort or money. It may just need a little bit of your time. You can plan this task for a day and collect your team. Make a list of donors and bring together your team to make phone calls individually to as many donors as possible. Be spontaneous when conversing with the donors instead of making it a formality call.

 3. Special mentions

If you have a website, make a separate page for a donor list and upload their photo and testimonials. Ask their permission before you do so. You can also list the donors based on the causes they support. Another way is to do a collage or carousel of donors and volunteers who support the cause. Post it on social media platforms. Tag the donors in the photo and the description. Write a short description appreciating the acts of kindness of your donors. Also, if your organization brings out an annual magazine or report, make a separate page of the donor list and put photos of the top donors.

 4. Office tour

Make batches of donors and invite them to your office for a tour. You can arrange for a casual lunch or coffee and talk to them regarding the charity activities of your organization. This is teamwork and you have to plan it to make the donors feel comfortable. The donors will develop a bond or closer ties with your organization and they feel involved in the activities.  

 5. Personal meetings

Get your team together and visit your donors at their homes or office. Merge it with something important such as inviting them for a fundraiser event or annual meeting. Thank them for their donations. You can even gift them a goody bag or merchandise as a gesture of gratitude. A personal one-to-one meeting makes the connection more authentic and nurtures a strong bond between the organization and the donors.    

 6. Small gifts

Gifts needn’t necessarily be big, they can be small and thoughtful. Nonprofits have a tight budget when it comes to gifting. But you can be creative and send donors gifts such as

  • Books on inspirational quotes
  • Framed photographs
  • Gift hampers
  • Coffee mugs
  • Merchandise such as t-shirts, caps, bags, and pens
  • Reusable cutlery
  • Planters with saplings
  • Books made from recycled paper

Make sure that you don’t spend a lot on gifts. Otherwise, it sends a wrong message that you’re utilizing donation funds to buy gifts.

 7. Photobook

See if any of your volunteers is a good photographer. Tell them to take some good photos of the causes on which you are working or even any random snaps. Select the best and print a photo booklet to gift to donors. You can also add details of your organization, the various charity works you undertake, and your team as present it as a welcome gift to the donors. You can even print a calendar or a diary with photos.  

 8. Appreciation wall

Allot a wall in your office to appreciate the donors by making a collage of their photos and the cause. Make a donor name list against the amount they have donated or the cause with which they are associated. You can be creative and try to make the wall attractive by engraving bricks or paving stones on them.   

 9. Birthday & special occasion cards

Milestones and special anniversaries are days when you can send cards to your donors. You can honor them on special days such as birthdays, weddings, and promotions.

For this, maintain a well-organized donor list and make a note of their special days. Gather your team once a week and mail cards to the donors well in advance. If you do not have the budget to spend on cards, email digital cards to the donors.  

 10. Annual donor awards

Many organizations hold annual events and present awards to the donors. Special awards and felicitations are given to the active donors. You can present them with a trophy or a plaque along with a certificate of appreciation.  

Wrapping Up

Whatever the ways in which you raise funds, donors are crucial for its success. Whether it is crowdfunding through an online fundraising platform or personally meeting donors to collect funds, make it a point to thank them for their contributions.

If you are an individual or a nonprofit, you can raise funds by setting up a page on any trusted online fundraising platform. Start your online fundraisers and help the needy or get associated with a good cause today.