June 20, 2022

10 Effective Fundraising Ideas For Cancer Patients

10 Effective Fundraising Ideas For Cancer Patients

One in six people dies of cancer worldwide. Approximately 39.5% of men and women will be diagnosed with cancer at some point during their lifetimes. But amidst the gloom, an interesting statistic is the number of cancer survivors is projected to increase to 22.2 million by 2030. Early diagnosis can help people get cured of cancer. The challenge though is the high treatment cost. The cost of chemotherapy, surgery, and medications add up pretty fast, and arranging for monetary help can be difficult at times like this. But help can come in the form of medical fundraising!

When all the funds are exhausted support comes from friends, family, and the community through medical fundraising. If you want to raise funds for cancer patients, talk to a charity and seek help through crowdfunding. There are many ways to raise funds for cancer treatment. Let’s look at some effective fundraising ideas for cancer patients.

 1. Start a crowdfunding campaign

An online fundraising platform is a place to go when you need funds urgently and don’t have time to plan fundraising events. Platforms like GivingX guide you to set up a donation page to seek help from people all around. Within minutes you set up a donation page and start your fundraising campaign by sharing the link on all of your social media accounts. Your friends and family also share this link so more people get to know about your need for money. Crowdfunding works on the concept of maximum sharing of your donation page link to raise awareness. Family, friends, and even unknown people who relate to your cause donate to help you raise money for cancer treatment.

 2. Talk to cancer help trusts

There are many charities worldwide that specifically guide cancer patients to get adequate treatment and monetary help. Nonprofits also set aside a particular amount of their pooled money for cancer patients. Many even arrange for free access to cancer specialists and help by providing medications. Talk to your local organizations. Many charities already have set up donation pages on online funding platforms and so they can even guide you in setting up your fundraising campaign.  

 3. Eco-friendly sale

As you know, pollution is one of the major causes of cancer. The heavy use of plastics, vehicle pollution, and industrial pollution have endangered land animals as well as ocean species. It has given rise to a number of diseases among animals and birds as well as humans and cancer is one among them. A unique fundraising idea for cancer treatment as well as spreading awareness about cancer and its causes is by organizing an eco-friendly sale. Talk to local artisans about their crafts and arrange for an eco-friendly sale of their products. You can also source handicrafts from other locations and countries and sell them in your local community.

 4. Custom t-shirt sale

T-shirts with custom prints are in rage now. Print shirts with cancer support slogans such as “Cancer: Just Beat It”, “I Can And I Will”, “Never, Never, Never Give Up”, or “Fight The Fight, Find The Cure”. Not only t-shirts, customize prints on mugs and photo frames as well. Promote this fundraising campaign on social media with a description of the cause and your need for money. Share the donation page link set up on the online fundraising platform with your friends. You can also gift these t-shirts to donors who have contributed significantly to your cause.

 5. Healthy breakfast cancer fundraising event

An unhealthy lifestyle and poor eating habits can also lead to cancer. Organize an awareness breakfast to raise funds and also promote healthy eating habits. Prepare a healthy breakfast menu and educate the participants about its need. Share some great healthy recipes or get a chef to do a live cooking show on quick and healthy breakfast recipes.

Set up a counter to sell homemade cookies and fruit jams as it serves as the perfect accompaniment for a healthy breakfast. And don’t forget to display the QR code of your donation page link for people to donate to your cause.

 6. Walkathon

Walkathons and marathons have been associated with many cancer-related and medical fundraising events. If you have an active community interested in fitness, get them involved to organize a walkathon. Schedule a location, walkathon course, and date. Promote it on social media. Get maximum participation for the event. Corporate houses associated with cancer charities may also help you with volunteers and funds for the walkathon. Sell t-shirts and caps for the event. Other than the participation fee, collect funds from corporate businesses and also through active promotion on social media.   

 7. Peer-to-peer fundraising

In peer-to-peer fundraising, you along with your supporters raise funds for cancer patients. First, you set up a donation page on an online fundraising platform that allows peer-to-peer fundraising. You then share this page with your network. Each of your supporters has individual access to this page and they then share this link on their social media accounts. Some of the advanced online fundraising platforms even allow peers to customize their donation page but share a common donation link.

Giving X, an online fundraising platform, allows you to set up a peer-to-peer fundraising campaign for cancer patients. Your team can share regular updates and proactively collect funds for the cause.

 8. Tree planting

Tree planting is one of the best fundraising ideas since people get to contribute to the treatment of cancer patients as well as make this earth a better living place. Donors who have lost their loved ones to this disease can plant a tree as a memory. For this medical fundraising event, you sell saplings and encourage people to plant them in their backyard. You can also sell planters for indoor planting. Talk to each person about cancer awareness and how their contribution can help in the treatment of cancer patients.

 9. Yoga & meditation classes

Yoga has the ability to heal your body and mind within out. Research has proven that consistent yoga and meditation help in the early healing of the body from the harmful side effects of chemotherapy and radiation. Talk to a local yoga instructor and a studio to partner with you for the medical fundraising event. Club both offline and online yoga classes to spread more awareness. Host it live on social media channels so that people from anywhere can benefit from the art of yoga. Promote the event on social media and don’t forget to attach the donation page link while posting.   

 10. Sell candles

Partner with a wholesale candle supplier or search for people who make custom scented candles at home as a hobby. Sell these candles as a part of cancer awareness and to raise money. Also, sell candle holders, scented oils, and aromatherapy diffusers for people to have a rejuvenating morning and relaxed evening in their homes. Promote these products on social media. Set up a stall in a local or corporate event to sell these candles and get some donations.

Final thoughts

Never make a patient feel alone in the fight for cancer. Help them in their journey for survival.

GivingX stands with cancer patients in such challenging times. Visit our platform to set up a donation page easily. We are a trusted online fundraising platform devoted to helping those in need of urgent funds. We have crowdfunding features on our website to help in medical fundraising.

Setting up your fundraiser is easy and gets complete within minutes. If you are planning to set up fundraisers for cancer patients, get started on GivingX today.