June 10, 2022

12 Easy & Fun Fundraising Ideas for Kids for a Family Night Out: 2022

12 Easy & Fun Fundraising Ideas for Kids for a Family Night Out: 2022

There’s no dearth of fundraising ideas for kids. But kids being kids, you cannot repeat the same activities hoping they’ll enjoy it. You’ve to try something new each time.

If you’re planning for a family night out for kids to raise funds, we’ve got some amazing ideas for you. These are perfect to include the parents, teachers, and kids.   

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So now, let’s see the 12 creative fundraising ideas for kids for a family night out.   

 1. Improv Night

If you are to include kids, teachers, and family for the night out, what better fundraising idea for kids than to arrange for a live theater of drama, music, and fun. Teachers and the parents form teams and put up a live improvisation and entertainment act for the kids. It can be a comedy club, a crazy dance, or an amateur rock band concert. Make it an open mic event and let the kids have all the fun.    

 2. Reading Books

The pleasures of reading a book before going to bed! You know it, right? Gather kids for a night out and read a story to them. You can make kids read a paragraph or enact a scene. Arrange for your volunteers to dress up as characters and put up a live show as you keep reading the book in the background. Get the kids to do small roles in between. This way they get to participate in the fun.

 3. Game Night

Raffle, bingo, cards, puzzles, riddles, board games; think of all exciting games you can arrange for the kids’ night out. Oh, what fun! You can invent your own game or mix and match games to make it an amazing sequence till you reach one final winner. Dress your volunteers as cheerleaders complete with the dress and pom-poms. Invite parents or teachers to judge the activities. Among all the fundraising ideas for kids, the game night will surely stand out.   

 4. Eco-friendly crafts

With sustainable living becoming a way of life, it is good if kids are taught about using eco-friendly products for their daily routine. Get the kids ready for a round of eco-friendly craft activities. There’s nothing like teaching them while having fun. Twig vases, eggshell mosaics, nature bracelets, bottle birdhouses, and paper bowls, there’s no dearth of ideas about what you can do with this creative fundraising.    

 5. Treasure Hunt

Hurray, it’s time to unearth some hidden treasures! The parents, siblings, and organizers gather to make it fun for the kids. Get your creative hats on and think about places to hide the treasure. Take the help of puzzles and riddles to get to the treasure. Kids eager to participate in the treasure hunt have to pay a small nominal fee for this family fundraising. Families can have a full night of fun with such amazing fundraising ideas for kids.  

 6. Music Night

Let’s get the kids to sing their hearts out! No, we aren’t expecting a BTS, Justin Bieber, or a Billie Eilish but much more than that. The kids form their bands. Bring out every music instrument possible and let the kids take center stage. If not possible, you can arrange for karaoke. Each kid will sing a song of their choice. Make sure to encourage them and arrange prizes for the best singer. Invite the parents to judge the best. Charge a fee for participation. You can also put forth your charity cause to the parents and see if they will be interested in giving.   

 7. Pizza party

Nah, we aren’t talking about ordering pizzas. But kids get to bake their pizzas. If you can arrange for a wood fire pizza in the backyard, nothing like it! Get the kids to show their culinary skills. Take care to see that there are volunteers to help kids while chopping onion or bell pepper for the pizza toppings. Encourage them to form teams and make a list of toppings they would love on their pizza. You can also arrange for a pizza baking competition to make it more fun. And yes, charge an entry fee for kids eager to participate in this creative fundraising event.   

 8. Lantern Craft

Ah, those shiny lanterns glowing in the dark! Why not make one? Invite kids for a craft session as a night out of fun. Get the craft papers, scissors, colors, and decorations ready to adorn the lanterns. Insert the LED tapes inside the lanterns and see the smile on the kids’ faces when it glows in the dark! You can either organize a competition for the best lantern or arrange for a simple auction for these lanterns and raise money from it.

 9. Movie time

Yay, it’s movie time! Caramel-coated or butter popcorns, cookies, and lemonade; arrange for snacks and refreshments for the kids to have a blast while watching the movie. Try to make sure to sell tickets for a profit to help you raise money for charity. You can also include parents if you want a full house. Keep the donation link page QR code placard at the entrance and exit so that parents can donate more.   

 10. Mimicry

One of the fun fundraising ideas for kids is to have them imitate voices. Kids have incredible talent for mimicking the voices of birds, animals, or popular artists. Challenge them with mimicry by making them listen to various voices. You can start off with birds and animals and proceed to film artists to imitate their famous dialogues. The kids will cherish this night-out memory forever.  

 11. Magic Show

Now, which kid doesn’t like magic! So, why not arrange for a magic show? Set the mood by preparing a magic show invitation and list the tricks that will be displayed on the night. Write Surprise Magic at the bottom of the invite to increase the kids’ curiosity. When arranging for the kids’ night out, make sure your magician performs some good tricks and that the kids also get to learn a trick or two.      

 12. Pajama Party

It’s time to let the hair loose and have fun in pajamas! Engross the kids in light activities such as treasure hunts, riddles, puzzles, karaoke, entertainment games, and others. Yes, don’t forget to turn on the music and dance on the party floor. Creative fundraising can be complete fun if you have a plan like this!

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