July 18, 2023

15 Proven Strategies To Grow Your Nonprofit Email Subscriber List

15 Proven Strategies To Grow Your Nonprofit Email Subscriber List

The nonprofit email list size is growing. Why not? Email remains a top choice for nonprofit communication, with a staggering 48% of donors preferring email as their primary method of engagement. Research shows that nonprofits leveraging email outreach witness increased online donations and higher engagement rates compared to traditional methods like direct mail.

As nonprofits strive to expand their reach and influence, building a robust and engaged donor base becomes paramount. 

Unlike social media metrics influenced by ever-changing algorithms, your nonprofit's email list provides a direct and uninterrupted line of communication to your valued donors and stakeholders. However, it is crucial to ensure that you achieve net positive growth - You have to gain more signups than unsubscribes each month! And to make this possible, we will explore 15 proven strategies to help you grow your nonprofit email subscriber list and maximize your organization's communication potential.

1. Host events, webinars, and workshops

Fundraising events, conferences, webinars, or workshops offer an opportunity to collect the email addresses of attendees by providing online registration or signup forms. But make sure to engage attendees by explaining the value of your newsletter and assuring them that their contact information will be handled with care and used for relevant updates and opportunities to support your cause.

2. Offer incentives

How do you motivate people to join your email list? Provide exclusive content, resources, or discounts on merchandise to those who sign up for your newsletter. Examples include sharing insider stories, providing early access to event tickets, or offering downloadable guides or reports that align with your organization's mission. 

3. Use blog content

You can use the blog content on your website to create a compelling call to action. Emphasize the benefits of subscribing to your newsletter, such as receiving regular updates, inspiring stories, and valuable resources. Along with the regular Donate Now buttons, embed newsletter signup forms within relevant blog posts or offer content upgrades, such as downloadable guides or ebooks, in exchange for email addresses.

4. Include an opt-in with confirmation emails

If you are sending emails such as donation confirmation emails or event registration confirmation emails, include an option for recipients to opt-in to receive email updates, maximizing your chances of expanding your email list. Clearly communicate the value of joining your email list, highlighting how it provides additional ways to stay connected, informed, and engaged with your organization's initiatives and impact.

5. Newsletter signup campaign

Create dedicated campaigns promoting the benefits of joining your email list across various marketing channels, encouraging individuals to subscribe. Highlight the exclusive content, event invitations, and impact updates they'll receive as subscribers. Utilize eye-catching visuals, persuasive copy, and clear calls to action to drive conversions and expand your subscriber base.

6. Encourage supporters to share

If you are into peer-to-peer fundraising, encourage supporters to share your email newsletter opt-in forms or links with their networks, expanding your reach and potential subscriber base. Explain the power of their personal networks in spreading awareness about your cause and provide easy-to-share content, social media posts, and suggested messages to facilitate their involvement. 

7. Use signup popups

When potential donors are browsing through the content of your donation page or website, you can immediately catch their attention through compelling content in popups. Use attention-grabbing popups or opt-in forms on your donation page to capture email addresses from individuals who are already engaging with your cause. Set up relevant triggers for popups to ensure that they don’t irritate the browsing experience of potential donors.

8. Organic and paid social media content

If your target donors are on social media channels like Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, or LinkedIn, leverage their features to promote your newsletter and capture email addresses. Use compelling posts and hashtags, partner with influencers, and run targeted Facebook and Instagram ads. Craft persuasive ad copy, visually appealing graphics, and clear CTAs on social media platforms that emphasize the value of subscribing. 

9. Donation landing page

Create a dedicated donation landing page on the custom fundraising software GivingX to help you grow your email list. You can include a checkbox like “Yes, I’d like to receive the latest updates and news about the causes I love” at the final stages of the donation process to encourage donors to subscribe to the email list. Transform your donation page through optimization strategies into an opportunity to grow your nonprofit’s email list. 

10. Optimize your donation page

Optimize nonprofit donation page with prominent calls to action that encourage visitors to subscribe to your email list while making a donation. Some ways include popups, incentives, QR codes, and email opt-in checkboxes. Keep the message compelling, clear, and concise. And don’t forget that 53% of the subscriber base opens the email on their mobile devices. Keep your nonprofit email optimized for mobile. 

11. Offer multiple signup options

Make it easy for individuals to join your email list by providing multiple signup options. Offer signup forms on your website's homepage, blog posts, and dedicated landing pages. Leverage social media platforms to promote your newsletter and include signup links or buttons in your email signature. Provide paper sign-up forms at events or conferences for those who prefer offline methods. Create a QR code for nonprofit and lead people to the email signup form. By offering various options, you cater to different preferences, increasing the chances of capturing more subscribers.  

12. Build new networks 

It is a good idea to collaborate with other nonprofit organizations, local businesses, or community groups to cross-promote each other's newsletters, expanding your reach to their audiences. Exploring co-marketing opportunities, guest blogging, or joint events will allow you to tap into new networks and capture email addresses from individuals who share similar interests or values.  

13. Organize your email list

Regularly maintain your email list by removing inactive or bounced email addresses, ensuring that your efforts are focused on engaging active and interested subscribers. Use email marketing platforms that provide tools to manage and maintain a healthy subscriber base, optimizing your deliverability rates and engagement metrics.

14. Make email content valuable

While you are trying to grow your email list, it is equally important to retain subscribers. Provide engaging and relevant content to your subscribers, offering exclusive updates, impact stories, volunteer opportunities, or educational resources that make staying subscribed worthwhile. Emails with social sharing buttons increase click-through rates by 158%! So, don’t forget to add them. And don’t bombard your subscribers with emails. Maintain a frequency of one email a week. But make sure that the content is valuable. If you don’t have content, reduce the frequency. We recommend testing the frequency on a sample audience and deciding the number of emails you want to send out in a month.       

15. Personalize your email communication

We all know that personalization is key to engaging subscribers and building a strong connection. Some extra effort to customize emails will improve click-through rates by an average of 14% and conversion rates by 10%. So, tailor your email content based on subscriber preferences, past interactions, and donation history. Use dynamic tags to insert subscribers' names and create targeted segments for more relevant messaging. Including customized recommendations, acknowledging their contributions, and addressing them by name fosters a sense of belonging and strengthens their connection with your organization.

A well-maintained email list holds immense power to connect with your audience and mobilize the funds necessary for your nonprofit. By implementing these strategies, you can attract more supporters and achieve a greater impact for your nonprofit. 

Dos and don’ts for growing your nonprofit email list

Building an extensive email list is vital to ensuring your message reaches more supporters and potential advocates. However, it's crucial to focus on healthy growth, avoiding fake contacts, and ensuring long-term engagement. 

How can you cultivate a sustainable and thriving nonprofit email list that keeps your supporters subscribed and actively involved? Let us guide you in a simple way. Here is a table of dos and don’ts for growing your nonprofit email list.

Incentives Offer exclusive content, resources, or discounts. Purchase or rent email lists.
Opt-in options Include opt-in options with direct mail. Hide or make subscription options difficult to find.
Webinars Host webinars that require email registration. Overwhelm subscribers with excessive email frequency.
Newsletter campaigns Run targeted newsletter signup campaigns. Send irrelevant or excessive emails.
Social media engagement Utilize social media platforms for promotion. Mislead or use deceptive tactics.
Donation confirmation emails Send donation confirmation emails with an opt-in invitation. Neglect mobile optimization for signup forms and newsletters.
Popup forms Add attention-grabbing popups on donation pages. Overload signup forms with too many options.
Valuable content Provide engaging and relevant email content. Create content that has no value or relevance to subscribers.
Email list Maintain email list regularly. Neglect email list hygiene and fail to remove inactive users.

When it comes to building your donor email list, remember that quality reigns supreme over quantity. Instead of focusing on amassing a large number of email addresses, prioritize attracting individuals who are genuinely interested in and eager to engage with your organization. It's all about fostering a community of passionate supporters who resonate with your mission and actively seek to be part of your journey.

Wrapping Up

By implementing these 15 proven techniques to grow your nonprofit email subscriber list, you can attract more supporters, foster meaningful engagement, and increase donations over the long term. Use the custom fundraising software GivingX to create optimized landing pages perfect to grow your nonprofit email list and compel visitors to donate now!