June 23, 2022

5 Easy Fundraising Ideas for Teams that Work for Every Sport

5 Easy Fundraising Ideas for Teams that Work for Every Sport

Raising funds for your sports team might be a difficult task. Travel, equipment, and other extraneous costs can soon overwhelm the joy of the sport or physical activity that brought your group together in the first place.

Fortunately, there are plenty of excellent sports fundraising ideas available. Finding the perfect fundraising idea for your team is the issue.

To assist you in getting started, we've compiled a list of our top five team fundraising ideas, which are suitable for any sport:

For a variety of reasons, these team fundraising initiatives ranked at the top of our list. They make use of certain power tools and are entertaining for your entire supporting base. They're also adaptable!

These types of adaptable & easy fundraising ideas can make a big difference. To meet all of your goals, mix and match your fundraising techniques.

1) T-shirt fundraising

Creating personalized gear for your sports club is an excellent method to gain support. Best of all, designing bespoke tees is a clever approach to strengthen your team's bond with its community while also earning funds for your team. T-shirt fundraising is a particularly good concept for school sports teams and community intramural leagues because of this.

Look for a top t-shirt printing site that offers a variety of design, printing, and distribution options for your custom shirts.

  • Through your fundraising pages, you can accept t-shirt orders and donations.
  • Sell a wide range of t-shirt designs as well as accessories such as mugs, caps, and tote bags.
  • To house, all of the things you're selling, create an online merch store.
  • Place a shirt order directly from the manufacturer to sell during your games.

To begin, design the ideal t-shirt for your team by using your team's colors, emblem, or mascot. If you're new to custom t-shirt printing, avoid these rookie blunders to ensure your design looks its best once printed.

A well-designed t-shirt, especially one that features their favorite local sports team, is a hit with everyone. Custom tees will enthuse your supporters and help you raise more funds.

2) Peer-to-peer fundraising 

Even though peer-to-peer fundraising is an online method, it made our list because it is one of the most flexible, adjustable, and effective ways to reach your whole community.

Peer-to-peer fundraising initiatives make use of the collective strength of your supporters. Members of your squad and volunteers build their fundraising pages and raise donations on behalf of the team.

Peer-to-peer fundraising is incredibly engaging because of this framework! To keep everyone motivated it's simple to set up scheduled fundraising challenges or show rankings of top-earning volunteers. Learning the ropes of networked fundraising can be challenging at first, but researching a few peer-to-peer fundraising best practices can help a lot.

These campaigns are also ideal for publicizing and conducting large-scale fundraising events! Many charity races and walk-a-thons are the culmination of a larger peer-to-peer fundraising campaign.

Perhaps your team could organize a campaign in the lead-up to your 5K. Just remember to create a limited-edition race 5K race jersey to promote your cause!

3) Kids' summer sports camp 

For a variety of reasons, hosting your sports-themed day camp for youngsters during their summer vacation is one of our top team fundraising ideas:

  • Parents will appreciate the opportunity to keep their children occupied and active.
  • You may make your summer camp as simple or as elaborate as you desire.
  • Cost-effective settings include your facilities or a public park.
  • Custom camp shirts are a great way to show your support.
  • Your colleagues are built-in volunteer wranglers and coaches.
  • Kids' summer programs provide annual assistance to a variety of local, intramural, and school sports teams! In yearly day camps, high school athletes frequently coach younger pupils.

Plan ahead of time to ensure you've covered all of your bases.

Consider other approaches to enlist the help of more members of the community. Following your camp's grand finale tournament, you may organize a neighborhood barbecue!

For additional information on developing a partnership to plan and host your camp, contact local schools, parks, and recreation programs. Make sure you've done your homework on any requirements you'll need to meet.

4) Athletic shoe drive fundraising 

There's a reason why shoe drive fundraisers are one of the most popular school fundraising ideas. Kids grow out of their shoes all the time!

This fundraising idea for a team can work in a variety of situations, but it's especially effective if your team is school-based or made up of parents. The following is how a shoe drive fundraiser works:

  • To start a campaign, your team contacts an athletic shoe drive organizer.
  • You'll collaborate to set collection targets and a timeline.
  • They'll provide you with collection bags and promotional materials to help you advertise your campaign.
  • Following that, your team begins collecting gently used and new cleats, sneakers, and any other sport-specific footwear.
  • When you complete your objective, the facilitator collects the shoes and gives your team a check!
  • Not only will families have lots of worn shoes, but these fundraising drives are fantastic for school and community-based groups. It's very simple to market shoe collections on other occasions!

Set up a collecting bin at your next game after posting about your athletic shoe drive fundraiser on your team's social media page, it's really that simple!

5) Fancy auction night

Auctions are the most powerful fundraising tool, yet many people believe that they are solely for huge charities with wealthy benefactors.

Your team may easily organize its fundraising auction night, and you can make it as informal, fancy, or faux-fancy as you like! Above all, auctions are a great night out for your community to enjoy a nice meal, mingle with neighbors, and perhaps purchase that perfect auction item.

If you think an auction, silent auction, or raffle night might be a good idea for your sports team, make sure you look into all of your alternatives. Contact other area teams, schools, organizations, or businesses to see if they'd like to join the event as a partner.

Then begin compiling your auction catalog of donated things (which may include some of your team's memorabilia)! Because they're both fascinating and adaptable, auctions are another popular team fundraising event. At your event, your supporters will have a great time, and you'll have plenty of chances to generate additional money for your team. Consider using swag bags to promote your merchandise or selling your bespoke team shirts.         

Wrapping up 

An online fundraising platform is one of the best options to start a fundraising event or campaign. Your team can start one with Giving Xcelerator and see the results. All the luck and best wishes for your sports fundraising, just never stop, and keep doing the good work.