August 23, 2023

50+ Unique and Easy Fundraising Ideas For Your Nonprofit

50+ Unique and Easy Fundraising Ideas For Your Nonprofit

Looking for creative ways to raise money for your nonprofit organization? Whether you're planning a charity event or simply looking for innovative fundraising ideas, we've got you covered. In this article, we'll explore over 50 unique and easy fundraising ideas that are sure to spark your creativity and help you achieve your fundraising goals.

Creative and quirky fundraising ideas

Fundraising can be fun too! Don’t believe? Check out these creative and quirky ideas that will not only generate significant donations but also add to the fun element.

1. Themed costume party

Host a themed costume party where attendees dress up as their favorite fictional characters or celebrities. Encourage participants to make a donation to your cause as an entry fee, and watch as the donations pour in while people show off their incredible costumes.

2. Lip-sync competition

Organize a lip-sync battle competition and have participants compete against each other for the title of best performer. Charge an admission fee and encourage attendees to donate to vote for their favorite lip-sync act. 

3. Dancing with the stars

Create a "Dancing with the Stars" style event where local celebrities are paired with professional dancers to perform routines and compete for donations. Sell tickets to the event and provide opportunities for the audience to make additional donations during the competition. 

4. Pet fashion show

Host a pet fashion show or dog beauty pageant, allowing owners to flaunt their pets while raising funds. Encourage donations for each vote. Add a photo booth for attendees to snap pictures with pets for a small donation.

5. Battle of the bands

Organize a "Battle of the Bands" event where local bands compete for a grand prize. Sell tickets to the event and offer opportunities for attendees to support their favorite bands through additional donations.

6. Duct tape challenge

Challenge participants to create clothing, accessories, or even sculptures entirely out of duct tape. Host a fashion show or exhibit to showcase the duct tape creations, and invite attendees to donate or buy tickets to attend the event.

7. Reverse talent show

Host a talent show where participants intentionally showcase their "not-so-talented" abilities like off-key singing and awkward dancing. Audience members can vote with donations for their favorite "untalented" act.

8. Pajama party fundraiser

Invite participants to join a virtual pajama party or an in-person sleepover event. Activities can include movie screenings, games, and cozy discussions. Request a participation fee or donations to support a cause.

9. Rubber duck race

Arrange a rubber duck race in a local river or pool. Participants can "adopt" rubber ducks for a small fee. Release the ducks en masse and let them float downstream. The first duck to cross the finish line wins a prize for its "adoptive parent."   

Virtual fundraising ideas

In today's digital age, online platforms provide endless opportunities for nonprofit organizations to raise funds. With the power of the internet, there are several effective ideas that can help you leverage these platforms and maximize your donations.

9. Crowdfunding campaign

Create an online donation page on the custom fundraising software GivingX. Create compelling content that explains your cause, goals, and impact. Share the campaign through social media, email, and other online channels.

10. Online auction

Another innovative approach to online fundraising is setting up an online auction. This allows people to bid on unique items or experiences, creating a sense of excitement and competition. Utilize social media and email marketing to promote the auction.

11. Peer-to-peer fundraising 

Peer-to-peer fundraising involves supporters creating individual fundraising pages and reaching out to their network for donations. Set up a collective fundraising goal and provide incentives for top fundraisers. 

12. Virtual walkathon

Transform a traditional walkathon into a virtual event. Participants can choose their own routes and track their progress using fitness apps. Encourage them to share their experiences on social media, and collect pledges or donations for the distance they cover. 

13. Google Ad Grants

Leverage Google Ad Grants, a program that provides nonprofits with free Google Ads advertising. Create targeted ads that raise awareness about your cause and drive traffic to your website or donation page. 

14. Online workshops or webinars

Host informative online workshops or webinars on topics relevant to your cause. Invite experts to share their insights. Charge attendees a registration fee. 

15.  Art exhibition

Organize a virtual art exhibition featuring works by local artists. Create an online gallery showcasing the art pieces and allowing viewers to purchase the artwork. A portion of the proceeds can go towards your fundraising goal.

Local event fundraising ideas

Take advantage of local events to raise funds and create awareness for your nonprofit organization. Here are some unique local event fundraising ideas for your nonprofit.

16. Community yard sale

Host a community yard sale, where individuals and businesses can donate items to sell. Promote the event through local newspapers, social media, and flyers. Use the funds raised for your cause.

17. Dine and donate

Partner with local restaurants or cafes to host a "Dine and Donate" night, where a portion of the sales from that evening goes to your organization. Promote the event to your supporters and encourage them to bring friends and family.

18. Challenge event

Create a charity challenge event that involves physical activities such as a fun run, obstacle course, or scavenger hunt. Participants can fundraise individually or as a team, with prizes awarded to the top fundraisers.

19. Lock-in event

Host a "Lock-In" event where participants pledge to stay overnight at a designated location in exchange for donations. Offer fun activities and entertainment to keep them engaged throughout the night.

20. Talent show

Organize a talent show or a variety show where individuals or groups can showcase their skills. Sell tickets to the event and encourage attendees to make additional donations.

21. Charity gala dinner

Organize a charity gala dinner or a black-tie event, complete with live entertainment, auctions, and guest speakers. Partner with local businesses to receive in-kind sponsorships that can help cover costs.

22. Golf tournament

Organize a charity golf tournament where participants can play golf while raising funds for your cause. Offer sponsorship opportunities for local businesses looking to gain exposure.

23. Wine tasting event

Plan a charity wine-tasting event, partnering with local wineries or wine shops to provide samples. Sell tickets to the event and offer opportunities to purchase bottles of wine in support of your organization.

Fundraising ideas for schools and colleges

Whether you're aiming to fund extracurricular activities, improve facilities, or contribute to community outreach, our fundraising ideas for schools and colleges combine fun with purpose. Get ready for some unique fundraising ideas.

24. Trivia night

Host a trivia competition with teams paying an entry fee. Offer prizes donated by local businesses or sponsors.

25. Dance-a-thon

Arrange a dance event where participants secure pledges based on the amount of time they dance.

26. Yearbook messages

Offer students the chance to buy special messages in the yearbook to commemorate their time at the institution.

27. Parent-teacher games

Organize friendly sports matches between parents and teachers, with an admission fee for spectators.

28. Student art exhibition

Showcase students' artwork in a gallery-style exhibition, selling the pieces to parents and community members.

29. Teacher swap day

Organize a day where teachers swap roles, offering students a chance to see their educators in different subjects or roles. Students pay a fee to vote on the teacher swaps they'd like to see.

30. Mystery envelope fundraiser

Prepare envelopes containing surprise items or rewards. Sell the envelopes to students and staff for a set price.

31. Alumni speaker series

Invite successful alumni to give talks or workshops on their career journeys. Charge an admission fee for attendees.  

Fundraising ideas for kids

When you help your kids with their fundraising initiatives, you not only empower them to make a difference but also ignite their entrepreneurial spirit with activities that are exciting and impactful. Here are some of the best fundraising ideas for kids.

32. Lemonade stand

Teach kids about entrepreneurship while raising funds by setting up a lemonade stand in a busy area.

33. Carnival day

Create a mini-carnival with games, face painting, and snacks, charging a small fee for entry and activities.

34. Craft workshop

Organize craft workshops for kids where they can create and decorate items like keychains, bracelets, or artwork.

35. Storytelling night

Have kids tell their favorite stories or perform short skits, charging a small admission fee for parents and attendees.

36. Sports clinics

Arrange sports clinics or workshops led by local athletes, charging a fee for participation.

37. Fundraising letter

Encourage kids to write fundraising letters and email them to their families. Attach your donation page link to manage all the donations in one place. 

Sports fundraising ideas

Discover innovative ways to rally support for sports-related causes. From engaging team jersey auctions to marathon campaigns, these are easy fundraising ideas for sports.

38. Team jersey auction

Auction off signed jerseys or sports memorabilia from famous athletes to generate interest and funds.

39. Marathon fundraiser

Have team members participate in a marathon or similar event, securing pledges from supporters for each mile completed.

40. Sports tournament

Organize a local sports tournament, charging registration fees for participating teams and selling tickets to spectators.

41. Fitness challenge

Create a fitness challenge where participants commit to achieving certain exercise goals, collecting pledges from friends and family.

42. Athlete sponsorship

Allow individuals or businesses to sponsor a specific athlete, providing financial support for their training and competitions.

Community charity fundraising ideas

When you need to uplift and support your community, unique fundraising ideas like food truck festivals or collaborative cookbooks should help. Let us explore some of the community charity fundraising ideas here. 

43. Neighborhood cleanup

Organize a community cleanup day and seek donations to support supplies and refreshments for volunteers.

44. Food truck festival

Invite local food trucks to set up shop in a designated area, with a portion of their profits going toward the cause.

45. Charity walk/run

Host a charity walk or run event, inviting community members to participate and raising funds through sponsorships.

46. Local talent show

Highlight local talents such as musicians, artists, and performers in a charity showcase, selling tickets for entry.

47. Collaborative cookbook

Gather favorite recipes from community members, compile them into a cookbook, and sell it to raise funds for local initiatives.

Arts and crafts fundraising ideas

Utilize your love for arts and crafts by turning them into unique fundraising ideas. Whether it’s a DIY workshop or craft fair, here are some arts and crafts fundraising ideas you’ll love.

48.  Art auction

Gather artwork from local artists and host an art auction, with a portion of the proceeds benefiting your cause.

49. Craft fair

Organize a craft fair where artisans can sell their handmade creations, charging a fee for booth space.

50. DIY workshop

Offer workshops teaching various craft skills, charging attendees for materials and instruction.

51. Customized merchandise

Design and sell custom merchandise like T-shirts, mugs, or tote bags featuring original artwork.

52. Mural painting event

Collaborate with local artists to create a community mural, accepting donations from participants to contribute to the project's funding.

Wrapping Up

We hope these 50+ unique and easy fundraising ideas will help you achieve your fundraising goals. 

In case you need support setting up an online donation page or form, GivingX can help. This custom fundraising software helps nonprofits create an optimized donation page and share it with their network to reach a wider audience and attract the maximum number of potential donors. 

Happy fundraising with GivingX!