August 04, 2022

6 Effective And Proven Fundraising Ideas for Disabled Adults

6 Effective And Proven Fundraising Ideas for Disabled Adults

People with disabilities or their families find it challenging to support the disability-associated costs. Things like buying an electric wheelchair, getting special healing therapies, or even managing daily life are difficult when financial resources are sparse.

Even though you have your loved ones to rally behind you when crisis strikes, it’s always better to make strong plans for maintaining your life expenses. Being disabled has its own set of challenges. The art is in overcoming these through proper strategies. Thankfully, arranging finances for medical costs, education, and therapy treatments can be arranged through online fundraising.

Crowdfunding is a novel concept to raise funds easily without the need to hold any physical events. Set up a donation page on the best online fundraising platform for disabled adults and get going. Share your story to collect funds.

Start Crowdfunding

Before you start fundraising, make sure you are clear about certain aspects of fundraising and your goals.

  • What is the singular aim of fundraising?
  • Is it the only way you can raise money?
  • How much time can you devote to medical fundraising?
  • How much do you intend to raise?

Next, work on other aspects of fundraising such as-

  • What is the time period you may need to achieve your fundraising goal?
  • What are the tasks to be accomplished in order to open a medical fundraising page?
  • What plan is needed for the fundraiser to be a success?
  • How many of my family and friends are willing to support me in the family fundraising campaign?

If you are starting a medical or family fundraising campaign for the first time, think about these factors and sort them out before initiating your donation drive.

If you are an individual with a disability or want to raise funds for a loved one with a disability, there are many ideas and resources out there to achieve the same. Let’s check out some fundraising ideas for disabled adults…  

 1. Set up a medical crowdfunding page

If your disability seeks medical attention, set up a medical fundraising page on a trusted online fundraising platform like GixingX. Crowdfunding is an effective way to get financial help for disabled people. It’s easy and fast too. All you have to do is set up a page on the online fundraising platform. The process takes not more than a couple of minutes. Sign up and share your story with the world. Set up small realistic goals, one at a time, to help you reach your fundraising target faster. Share photos and videos and write compelling descriptions and stories to encourage people to donate to your fundraiser. Crowdfunding works on the concept of collecting smaller donation amounts from a large number of people making it work.      

If you have any queries on crowdfunding, click on this link and it’ll help you answer your questions.

 2. Peer-to-peer fundraising

If you have a strong support system in place, try peer-to-peer fundraising. Again, this is possible through GivingX, an online fundraising platform that supports people with disabilities to set up their donation pages and collect funds. Peer-to-peer fundraising is similar to family or team fundraising where you set up a page and involve your supporters to raise funds on your behalf. You invite and add them to your donation page as a team. They share the page link on their social circles and you get to see the donations coming from their references. The benefit of peer-to-peer fundraising is that you reach a wider network and it increases your ability to raise more funds.          

 3. Take the help of social media and influencers

We all know the power of social media. If any news or video goes viral, it gets instantly recognized. Make a short video of the challenges you are facing and put it across all social media channels. If you know any influencers, talk to them. Arrange for a video shoot and let them share this story on their profile. There are high chances of this video going viral and attracting the right kind of attention. Many fundraisers have tasted success through social media by connecting with audiences. You can use hashtags, Reels, Stories, and other short-video formats to spread the word about your medical fundraising drive. Also, once you set up your fundraiser on GivingX, it’s easy to share the donation page link on the description of the video or media post.     

 4. Show your talent

It’s not that disabled people are short of talent. Some are good painters, some are good at music, and others at dance. Each individual has a unique talent or interest. Put it to good use to raise funds. If you are good at sketching, drawing, sculpturing, or painting, arrange for an exhibition to sell your artwork. Similarly, you can hold events to demonstrate your skills in dance or music and invite others too to participate or collaborate with you for your medical fundraising. Don’t be afraid to show your skills. It’ll surely help you reach your fundraising goal.

 5. Disability awareness

Who doesn’t know about the famous viral Ice Bucket challenge that raised awareness of ALS disorder? The Ice Bucket Challenge event was held everywhere and its video was uploaded on social media. Similarly, plan interesting events to raise awareness of disability and encourage participants to upload the video on social media. Start unique hashtags to spread the word about it. Share the page link set up on the online fundraising platform and encourage people to donate to the cause. Invite colleges, communities, corporate houses, influencers, hospitals, and others to participate in such disability awareness drives.

 6. Sell products/services online

If you are associated with a disabled group or forum in your location, get them together and teach them some vocational skills such as stitching, baking, coding, custom printing, or handicrafts. Create an online store to sell these products and services. For example, you can teach them to bake cookies or homemade jams. Similarly, you can take orders for customized printing on t-shirts and mugs. All these will be managed by disabled adults. Build a self-sustaining community for them and help them in more ways than one to not only survive but also be financially independent for the future. You can also set up a brick-and-mortar store to double your profits.     

Wrapping Up

Even in normal circumstances, people with disabilities are less likely to have full access to education, health care, employment, and community participation. Of course, an integrated approach is required so that you don’t put them in a position where they have to constantly seek funds even for their medical treatment and daily life.

GivingX is an advanced-tech online fundraising platform to help you raise funds for disabled adults. It empowers people with disabilities to raise the money required for healthcare, emergencies, employment, food, or any other reasons, big or small. We support nonprofits and individuals to come forward and help with medical fundraising for disabled adults.

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Talk to us about your need to set up a family fundraising page for people with disabilities and we’ll be glad to help on any given day.