April 28, 2023

8 Benefits of the Language Translation feature in GivingX for Nonprofits

8 Benefits of the Language Translation feature in GivingX for Nonprofits

Nonprofits and NGOs play a significant role in addressing societal issues and promoting social change. However, these organizations thrive on donations and contributions from the public to sustain their operations and fulfill their mission.

As the world becomes increasingly globalized and digitalized, it's a great opportunity for nonprofits to seek donations from all over the world. Easier said than done. Charities face the challenge of communicating with potential donors who speak different languages. This language barrier can hinder fundraising efforts and limit the nonprofit’s ability to reach a wider audience.

Fortunately, there are language translation tools to help. Also, many fundraising solutions now offer an auto-translation feature to help NGOs create fundraising pages and translate them into the desired language. GivingX is one such custom fundraising software with an automatic translation feature to help nonprofits overcome the language barrier and provide numerous benefits to expand their reach and increase donations. 

In this blog, we’ll explore the 8 benefits of language translation for nonprofits and NGOs and discuss how it can enhance their fundraising efforts.

1. Helps you get your message out

Communicating in the local language of the donor is a vital part of your nonprofit’s fundraising success. Whether you are communicating about safety or health information or you want to fundraise on a global scale, your nonprofit needs to communicate with donors in their language. This act helps get the message across and raise awareness in the local communities.

GivingX has a language translation feature to automatically translate the fundraising page into the customers’ language based on their geolocation. It saves you translation time and increases your fundraising success.

2. Improves your fundraising efficiency

Instead of creating multiple fundraising landing pages in different languages, having a translation feature in your custom fundraising software reduces time and effort. Imagine how much more you can do with so much time saved! You also don’t have to invest in any translation tool and integrate it into your fundraising software if it already provides you with this feature! Yes, we are talking about GivingX. This has an automatic language translation feature in it to help you start your crowdfunding now and translate it into the language of your target audience.

3. Increases the bond between you and donors

Language translation makes it easy for you to connect with your donors in a way they understand. By speaking to them in their language, you tell them about your nonprofit's mission and how they can help you in your fundraising efforts. For instance, the World Wildlife Foundation (WWF) translated its website into several languages, including Spanish, Chinese, and French. By doing so, it was able to reach a global audience and increase its impact. 

Create an online donation page on GivingX today and take advantage of its language translation feature to maximize your fundraising impact and raise awareness of your mission and goals.

4. Evokes the feeling of giving

By using the right language and tone, you can make donors feel connected to your cause and inspire them to take action. It is always true that people can relate more when someone speaks to them in a language they are comfortable with. So get them on the same page and create a shared understanding. Many charities translate their websites into multiple languages to make donors feel connected to their cause. Even you can do so! Create a custom fundraising landing page or an embeddable form on the fundraising software GivingX and translate it into the language of your audience.

5. Increase your donor base

Now, you can widen your reach and target donors from far and wide with the fundraising page translated into multiple languages. It helps you connect with donors from diverse backgrounds, regions, and cultures. Build a more inclusive community around your cause. By involving diverse people as donors for your cause, you gain credibility and generate a loyal donor base.

6. Reach your target audience

Translations help you reach your intended audience. It not only broadens your charity’s reach but also helps you interact and engage with your target audience. For instance, if your target audience is made up of a majority of Spanish or German donors, you would want to reach out to them in their language. The translation feature helps you achieve this easily and fast.

7. Reach non-English speakers

We’ve been used to seeing websites in English, but let us tell you some important facts.

  • The United Nations estimates that there are approximately 7.5 billion people in the world, of whom only around 1.5 billion speak English as either their first or second language.
  • The European Commission has found that 90% of Europeans prefer to visit websites in their own language when given the option.
  • According to a report by CSA Research, by 2025, non-English speakers are expected to account for 75% of global internet users.

These statistics show the importance of language translation for nonprofits and NGOs that want to reach a wider audience and make a greater impact. As a nonprofit or NGO, it’s your responsibility to help build trust and establish a relationship with donors who may feel excluded from English-only materials. By using fundraising software with auto-translation features, nonprofits can improve their visibility, appeal to a wider audience, and increase their chances of success in fundraising efforts.

8. Improve your nonprofit’s visibility

No marketing effort is effective if you keep displaying the same fundraising page to people the world over when they cannot even read what’s written on it. How, then, do you raise awareness about your nonprofit and its causes? Language translation can improve your nonprofit’s visibility by making it easier for people to find and engage with your organization. Even search engines give preference to fundraising pages that are available in localized languages.

GivingX: Custom fundraising software with an automatic translation feature

One custom fundraising software that you can use as a nonprofit to set up your fundraiser landing page or a custom form and take advantage of the language-translation feature is GivingX. It allows free unlimited integrations through Zapier, a workflow automation tool. Also, GivingX’s pricing and features make it an attractive deal for nonprofits that have budget constraints.

Donors who want to donate for a cause now can do so through GivingX’s 125+ secured payment gateways. You can also set up a recurring donation feature to collect periodic donations from your loyal donors.

Apart from the automatic language translation, GivingX has a host of other unique features to help nonprofits improve their fundraising efficiency, reach a larger audience, and create a shared understanding of their mission.

Wrapping Up

In today’s globalized world, it’s essential for nonprofits and NGOs to effectively reach out to potential donors and raise awareness about their cause. So, why not choose the best fundraising software to make it easier for you to create an online donation page and start your crowdfunding now? We invite nonprofits from all over the world to create their online donation page on GivingX and take advantage of its auto-translation tool!