May 04, 2022

8 Proven Fundraising Ideas to Raise Money for a Trip

8 Proven Fundraising Ideas to Raise Money for a Trip

How many beautiful memories you have of your school trip! It was fun and exciting to go out with friends and teachers, interact with them and learn about a variety of interesting topics. Unfortunately, school trips can be expensive though and not all can afford one. But there is a way out and it is through travel fundraising!

Teachers and students can come together with proven fundraising ideas to raise money for school trips. You can calculate the estimates for stay, travel, and food and start a fundraiser for the same.

Start a donation page on any of the trusted online fundraising platforms. This is the quickest way to start your fundraiser campaign. Combine it with other fundraising ideas shared below and you’ll succeed in your goal.

1. Donations from parents and family

Charity begins at home, isn’t it? How about some travel fundraising from your parents and family? For your next birthday or Christmas, ask them to replace the gift with cash donations. Tell them about your plans to travel and explore. If it is associated with a cause, they will readily support you. Requesting them for cash as a gift will show them your commitment to the cause.

2. Scholarships and Grants

If you are a student and your team decides to travel to some places as a part of your study activity, you can check out some travel scholarships and grants. Search online and you will find some useful links that’ll lead you to grant forms. Fill in these forms if you meet the criteria. You have to provide a support letter from your school or teachers regarding the trip details.

3. Letter writing

List all the addresses of your family members. Write a story on why you want to travel and how you are falling short of funds. If your message is powerful enough to reach their hearts, they’ll surely help you in all ways possible. You can even write letters to your parents’ coworkers and your community members. But it is better if you start a fundraiser page on an online fundraising platform. You can easily share the page link or the QR code for them to donate online.

4. Crowdfunding

Why not raise funds for your trip online? Online fundraising platforms have made it easier to raise funds for travel through the crowdfunding concept. You have to set up a donation page with compelling videos, images, and descriptions. Share this link with all our family and friends on social media. Ask for small donations, these can add up. Also, don’t forget to reach out to your teachers and peers in your community to get the best possible support.

5. School guidance

Visit the counseling center or guidance office at your school. They offer assistance in seeking funds. They have a wide network of resources and if your cause is genuine, they’ll help you by reaching out to people who can help. Also, the school also may provide grants for educational trips if you represent the school. Counselors provide you with the right guidance and various alternatives based on your financial need.

6. Community help

There’ll always be some local organizations that offer grants and scholarships to deserving candidates. Get in touch with prominent members of your community. They’ll be aware of various grants or even if they aren’t, they’ll arrange for some resources to help you. Corporate houses, financial institutions, youth organizations, networking foundations, there are many places that you can check out.

7. Blogging

Sharing your experience is one of the popular fundraising ideas. People now share their travel experiences on social channels such as YouTube and Instagram. You can get in touch with local businesses to see if they’ll sponsor your travel and stay. Show off the pictures or give them a shout-out in your blog posts by tagging them and their stay property. It is also beneficial for them as it helps them reach a wider audience.

8. Face-to-face fundraising

It’s time to go back to basics and do some door-knocking in your local community. Go with a parent or a teacher to homes in your neighborhood. Tell them why you want to travel and how it’ll help you in your studies or is a part of your extracurricular activity. You can also talk to people at the local church or corporate houses that may be willing to donate.


Travel fundraising is a collective task. Teachers, students, and parents can support each other to build up momentum and encourage one another to reach the fundraising goal.
Online fundraising platforms are best when it comes to raising quick funds. givingx is one such platform for setting up fundraisers instantly. It has all the necessary tools to make a great donation page. Also, donor management and online sharing become easy, helping you to accomplish your fundraising goal.

Use creative fundraising ideas for travel and trips, gather a support team, set up a fundraising page, share it with your network, and be ready to do everything to achieve your goal. Nothing is impossible!