May 24, 2022

Best Tribute and Memorial Fundraising Tips for Nonprofits

Best Tribute and Memorial Fundraising Tips for Nonprofits

When you are grieving over the loss of a loved one, the finest way to honor their memory is to establish a fund to carry forward their legacy. Memorial fundraising helps the community come together to help the decedent’s family to bear the expensive funeral costs and to honor the life and memory of the beloved individual.

With the family of the deceased pre-occupied with grief, the onus is on the nonprofits and the community to raise money to cover the funeral expenses as well as cherish the memories in a befitting manner. Setting up a donation campaign on an online fundraising platform helps the grieving family to cover the funeral and in the survival of the deceased’s kin to bear household expenses, education, medical expenses, and others. With the available extra funds, the family can decide to honor the memories through tributes.

How to start a memorial fundraiser on an online fundraising platform?

At the time of emergency, it is challenging to arrange funds. Even if you are a nonprofit, the available funds have already been allocated for specific causes and you have to find memorial fundraising ideas to raise money fast.

The quickest way to arrange for funds is to set up a donation page on a reliable online fundraising platform. You can immediately start raising money without much effort. Let’s start with how to raise money through an online platform and we will give you some valuable memorial fundraising tips through it.

 1. Find a reliable online fundraising platform

There are quite a number of platforms to help you raise money. You can just look into the features and their transaction fee. Opt for the favorable one to set up your campaign. givingx, a popular online fundraising platform offers advanced features to make it easy for you to set up a memorial page and get going.

 2. Plan on how you will honor your loved one

Plan for the long-term. Don’t just limit it to funeral expenses and a memorial service. Instead, something like a scholarship fund or supporting a loved one’s favorite cause will add weightage to your memorial fundraising. It will help you cherish their memories forever. Some of the memorial ideas are-

Pay off outstanding debt-

If the family of the deceased is under financial stress, you can set up a memorial fundraiser to clear the debts.

Public tribute-

You can collect funds and dedicate a bench in a park or a permanent fixture to commemorate the memories.

Scholarship fund-

You can set up a scholarship fund to help others realize their dreams. For instance, if the deceased was a science scholar, you can fund science studies for needy students.

Support a cause-

Was your loved one attached to any cause? If so, you can take forward their legacy by supporting the cause through grants.

Support a cure-

If your loved one has died due to some terrible illness, you can set up a fund to help people recover from such challenges. For instance, you can help cover the medical expenses of people suffering from mental illnesses, heart diseases, or cancer.

Help a grieving family-

Since you empathize with the loss of your loved one, you can start memorial fundraising to help other grieving families to cope with the loss. It might be helping their kids complete their studies or sponsoring the medical expenses of their family members.

Once you have planned what you intend to do with the money you have raised, you can effectively put across your thoughts on the donation page.       

 3. Your fundraiser story has to be the highlight of the page

With many fundraising campaigns flooding the internet, it is necessary to make yours stand out from the crowd. Put out your fond memories of the deceased in words. Upload images and video snippets of the beautiful moments you had with them. Make it relatable to people who can empathize with your loss of a loved one.

 4. Share the donation page with your friends and family

Crowdfunding is a success when it reaches a larger audience. Share the donation page link on your social media profile. Share it with your supporters and request them to share it or post it on their profiles. This networking helps your campaign to gain maximum impressions and it opens the door for funds. You can also email the link with a personal message asking for funds to each near and dear one of the deceased.

Some memorial fundraising tips to make it successful:

  • Be transparent about how you intend to spend the funds towards the memorial cause. It encourages donors to trust your nonprofit organization and become associated with it for a longer term.
  • Give your donors an opportunity to send any personalized message by email to the decedent’s family. Such outpouring of support will help the family cope with the loss better.  
  • Share testimonials by donors on the memorial fundraising page or on social media. Genuine testimonials encourage positivity and help potential donors to make the right decision. Also, it lends credibility to the cause and increases the trustworthiness of your nonprofit.   
  • One of the best memorial fundraising tips is to try peer-to-peer fundraising by utilizing your existing network. Talk to all your nonprofit volunteers and encourage them to reach out to their friends, family, and co-workers requesting them to donate to the cause. When you have multiple individual fundraisers, you collectively raise more money within a short time.
  • Make the process easy for donors by keeping everything straightforward and simple.
  • Offer varied payment gateways for the donors such as cards, mobile wallets, and online banking.
  • If you have a website, embed the donation form onto it. This way, you manage all donations in a single place.
  • Give donors the option to select recurring donations. Encourage them to continually support your cause. This improves the long-term sustainability of your memorial fundraising campaign.
  • Since memorial fundraising is an emotional topic, be sensitive to the decedent’s family values. The tribute has to be context-sensitive, meaningful, and thoughtful and should be the perfect homage to your loved one.
  • Last but not the least, keep promoting the memorial fundraising campaign through emails, newsletters, events, annual reports, and more. Remind people frequently that the donations are open and are worth the cause.   

Do you want to pay the best tribute by starting a memorial fundraising campaign?

It is easy for nonprofits to raise money through online fundraising platforms. Since they already work for a multitude of causes, people are already aware of their interests and wholeheartedly support them.

If you need any help to set up a memorial fundraising page, givingx will guide you from the start to finish and also share some memorial fundraising tips to make it successful. There’s nothing more gratifying than trying to keep the legacy alive of your loved one through tributes and memorial services.