January 17, 2023

Fundraising videos: How to create one?

Fundraising videos: How to create one?

Fundraising takes a lot of time- you’ve got to use every resource you can to raise funds for your cause. To enhance your chances of raising funds, you could use a Custom fundraising software solution for this. However, all your efforts would prove futile if you don’t use the power of fundraising videos. You could add these videos wherever you need to in email attachments, your social media handles, in paid adverts online, and even as a tool for your fundraising events.

How to create your fundraising video?

Creating a fundraising video is perhaps the most important part of your fundraising efforts. To make the maximum impact, your video should contain all the information that potential donors seek. Let’s see how to go about this.


Create a script- This would help you structure the video and ensure you don’t miss anything. After all, we aren’t actors. Get someone to check the script, just to make sure everything is in order. Also, practice your outreach speech to make sure you are presenting it right.

Check your equipment- Your video should be crisp, clear, and error-free. Based on the resources you have at hand, you could record the video on a camcorder or even your smartphone camera. Before finalizing the video, run a few tests to make sure everything works as expected.

Choose a relevant background- As you intend to raise funds, the background should match this. You cannot shoot the video at home or in a popular place in town. If possible, record the video at the location of your fundraising campaign- an orphanage, a hospital, or something of that sort. 

Create an ‘emotional connect’- There has to be something that touches potential donors’ hearts. You could add a testimonial of someone who’s benefitted from the cause or show before and after photos for social proof. All of this would require some video editing skills. You could do it yourself or take a friend's help for this.

Ask for donations- Once you’ve explained when and where the donation proceeds would be spent, you can then ask for donations. Don’t go off-topic, keep the requirement short and crisp. As many people are going to view your video, don’t ask for a specific amount, rather let the potential donors decide how much to give.

Give a relevant conclusion- Once you’ve asked for the donation, also explain how it would be used. For example, if you’re raising funds for cancer patients, let your audience know how the money would be spent to make a difference in their lives. Before you end the video, don’t forget to add a Call to Action or the bank details for the donation.


In the end

With a major portion of your donations coming from online sources, creating a fundraising video is a no-brainer. If you’re searching for any top fundraising ideas, you would need to create a video in any case. Once you do, find the right medium to publish the video to get a much better chance at reaching your fundraising targets.