February 23, 2023

GivingX vs Donorbox - Why GivingX is better than Donorbox

GivingX vs Donorbox - Why GivingX is better than Donorbox

When you talk about Custom Fundraising Software, many conversations revolve around Donorbox. This is one of the most commonly used software for raising funds for any cause. For many novice fundraisers, Donorbox tends to be the first preference for their crowdfunding needs. Usually, people don’t research enough to choose the right fundraising software, as they feel all are the same or about the same as Donorbox.

In this post, we’ll see why Donorbox shouldn’t be your default option and how GivingX can be a better alternative.


What are the limitations of Donorbox?

Donorbox has been quite popular mainly due to its first-mover advantage. Even though there are better and simpler services available to start your crowdfunding, people still prefer it due to positive word-of-mouth marketing. Nevertheless, Donorbox is preferred as you can create custom donation forms and embed them on any website. You can then integrate third-party apps like PayPal, ACH bank transfers, Apple Pay, Google Pay, and other cards. Besides this, Donorbox’s can be integrated with services like Zapier, PayPal, Salesforce, and Mailchimp.

That being said, here are some Donorbox features that don’t match expectations-

  1. Impossible to use without a CRM- Donorbox doesn’t have the features people expect when it comes to managing donors and the donor database. You either need to integrate a third-party app for this or waste time downloading CSV files and managing everything in Excel.
  2. Inconsistent fee structure- Many fundraisers complain about unexpected surprises when it comes to charges Donorbox levies to use the platform. Their pricing systems look quite transparent, but it isn’t considering that you’re charged for all additional features and integrations.
  3. Non-availability of certain reports- Again, here the Donorbox backend may not be that simple to use. You may not get the reports needed for smooth workflows.
  4. Clunky UI- The Donorbox UI doesn’t match some expectations. Many users are hopeful this would change in the long term.
  5. Inflexible recurring payments- In the case of monthly donations, some donors find it hard to modify their recurring donations through Donorbox. They have to spend a lot of time speaking to PayPal or other payment gateway's customer care to modify the same.
  6. Hard to contact customer care- Many donors and users find contacting Donorbox’s customer care a big challenge.


How GivingX is a better option?

On the other hand, GivingX is a completely integrated custom fundraising software. With this, you can not only raise funds via a donation form on your website but also add a donation button on any website for better reach toward a larger pool of donors. Here are some other features that have matched our user’s expectations-

  1. Free use of integrations- GivingX is perhaps the only custom fundraising software that allows you to integrate your account with a large number of apps. This makes it easier for you to ask for donations from a larger group of donors. GivingX does not charge you for integrating any third-party app into its platform.
  2. Lowest fees against peers- GivingX and its custom fundraising software have the lowest fees against any other peer service. You have to just pay 1.45% as the platform fee per transaction and the processing fee. You can give your donor the option to cover these fees. There is nothing more to this.
  3. Integration of international payment gateways- GivingX allows you to integrate into the most popular international payment gateways. If you need any help with this, you can contact the customer care and they’ll do the needful.
  4. Integration with Social media- Besides other integrations, social media integrations are quite important as most of your traffic potentially comes from there. You could integrate your social media accounts by entering the account and pixel details when asked for them.
  5. Easy tracking of goals- With this software, you can do any nonprofit fundraising and let everyone check the progress. The fundraising goals keep getting updated as and when someone donates to the cause. This makes it easy for everyone to know how much to give and help the cause reach its fundraising goals.
  6. Better interaction with donors- The fundraising campaign does not only end at receiving donations. GivingX also sends automated emails and SMSs to those who’ve donated or given their contact details. Furthermore, users can also use GivingX to contact potential donors as required.


Even though Donorbox has its advantages, many users get fed up after using it for its high fees and lack of reliable customer support. On the other hand, GivingX offers a consistent and transparent fee structure with free integrations. It allows you to collect donations from various sources from one platform. Check out its features today!