February 20, 2023

GivingX vs Fundraise Up - Why GivingX is better than Fundraise Up

GivingX vs  Fundraise Up - Why GivingX is better than  Fundraise Up

A custom fundraising software that is seeing much hype these days is Fundraise Up. This American fundraising software has shaken the market, making a place for itself in the highly competitive fundraising software market. It offers many features at competitive rates. On software review sites, Fundraise Up gets great reviews stating their great customer support and other personalization features. On the other hand, Fundraise Up does have certain limitations too, primarily relating to steep fees.

In this post, we’ll see why Fundraise Up doesn’t live up to expectations and why GivingX is a better option.

Limitations of Fundraise Up

Fundraise Up has taken great pains to optimize the donation experience. They’ve made sure the experience is quick and seamless with an option to convert the donations every month. However, though this has attracted many nonprofits to use this platform, it doesn’t cater to all the donation requirements needed to run a successful fundraising campaign.

Limited customization- Though Fundraise Up markets itself as a great medium to create customized donation forms, it doesn’t meet expectations in customizations. Greater room for customization helps give a degree of authenticity to start crowdfunding for any cause. With limited customization, you run the risk of getting lost in the crowd especially when you have a limited pool of donors.

No option to add video- Another big limitation is the absence of video. Anyone browsing any website would prefer to skim through the content or watch a short video, wherever available. When this medium of communication is not available, it restricts the potential of the fundraising campaign.

High costs hamper donations- Many nonprofits complain that donors develop cold feet when they see the high fees Fundraise Up charges for its services. Here, it charges 4% per transaction and also from integrated payment apps that process donations.


Why GivingX is a better option?

GivingX has been made after understanding each aspect of the end user’s requirements. This is a 360-degree solution for your fundraising needs. With GivingX, you can raise funds through various sources as well as their website. Here are some features that make GivingX a better option-

Consistently low fees- GivingX charges the lowest fees on each donation as compared to any other fundraising platform. It charges a modest platform fee of 1.45% and processing fees with donors having the option to cover these fees. There are no hidden or additional out-of-pocket costs making GivingX the most dependable custom fundraising software.

Custom forms and landing pages- GivingX gives nonprofits the option to embed custom donation forms on their website. You can also create dedicated custom landing pages making it simpler for donors to make contributions. It also makes your task of collecting donations easy. 

Free use of integrations- GivingX allows you to integrate Zapier into your fundraiser. Zapier has 5,000+ integrations to help you manage everything from emails, SMS, and CRM, to analytics. GivingX has a flexible payment processing with 125+ options to make it easy for donors to donate to the causes they love. 



GivingX has time and again proved to be the ideal fundraising management software for any kind of cause. You could even integrate your fundraising campaign to any page and let donors Donate through the GivingX Donate Button. If you need any more help with GivingX, do feel free to contact our support team.