February 28, 2023

GivingX vs Funraise- Which one should you use?

GivingX vs Funraise- Which one should you use?

Are you looking to raise funds for a cause that’s important to you, but don’t know where to start? With so many custom fundraising software available online, it’s challenging to search for the one that matches your requirements.

Since you are fundraising, you have budget constraints to keep in mind. Also, you need a platform that provides you with customizable campaign pages, secure payment processing, social media integration, and more.

If you are on a mission to make a real difference in the world, we have you covered. GivingX and Funraise are two popular crowdfunding sites for individuals and nonprofits for medical fundraising, emergency fundraising, and many more. It helps you to collect donations from the crowd for charitable causes or unexpected expenses. So, let’s understand the features and fee structure of them both and more importantly, compare GivingX vs Funraise to deliver the verdict.    

What is GivingX?

GivingX is custom fundraising software that enables individuals and nonprofits to create custom fundraising pages, share them on social media, and collect recurring donations. It's a powerful toolset for successful fundraising campaigns.

Fee structure

GivingX is a transparent custom fundraising software with a modest platform fee of 1.45% and processing fees. There are no hidden costs, and donors can cover fees. It offers access to all features, including automated receipts and donation forms, making it easy to launch successful campaigns.


The custom fundraising software Giving X has a host of features to help you start your crowdfunding and manage your fundraising campaign.

Custom donation forms- Custom donation forms from GivingX allow nonprofits and individuals to create branded forms that can be embedded on their websites, making it easy for donors to contribute. 

Custom landing pages- GivingX's custom landing pages let nonprofits create dedicated pages to encourage donations for specific campaigns.

Contact & volunteer forms- GivingX offers embeddable forms for NGOs to collect information from potential donors and volunteers. This helps NGOs build a list of potential contributors and personalize their communication for deeper connections and increased support.

Donor management CRM- GivingX's donor management CRM helps NGOs keep detailed donor records for personalized communication and engagement, leading to stronger relationships and increased donations.

Free unlimited integrations- GivingX's unlimited integrations with Zapier connects with over 5000+ other platforms, automates tasks, and streamlines workflows, saving time and effort for NGOs. 

Flexible payment processing- GivingX offers flexible payment processing with 125+ secured payment gateways, making it convenient for donors to contribute using their preferred payment method.

Languages- GivingX's automatic translation tool helps nonprofits and fundraisers connect with their target audience by translating fundraising pages into their language, breaking language barriers and increasing engagement, leading to more successful campaigns.

Own your data- GivingX's "Own Your Data" feature enables nonprofits and fundraisers to easily manage and import donor data from CSV lists or other sites, while also offering the ability to download donor data in CSV form for analysis and reporting. 

Security- Because the platform is PCI certified, all sensitive donor information is encrypted and securely stored.

Resources- It has a range of resources like blogs, top fundraising tips, fundraising ideas, and success stories to guide you to start crowdfunding.  

What is Funraise?

Funraise is a comprehensive fundraising software that provides users with the tools they need to create fundraising campaigns. Its special feature is event management including ticketing, registration, and auction management. It allows you to manage sponsorships, create event pages, and track attendee data.  

Fee structure

It has a free, standard, and premium plan. The free plan comes with limitations. It allows you to create one donation form and page and allows only up to 1000 supporters. It doesn’t allow Facebook or Shopify integration. Moreover, the free plan doesn’t include peer-to-peer fundraising, analytics, or even embedding to websites.

The paid plans have features to make your fundraising campaign successful. The price for the paid plans is not mentioned on the platform making it challenging for individuals and non-profits to decide if it is worth subscribing to.


Funraise has extensive features to design and manage your crowdfunding campaigns.

Website donation forms- You can embed pop-up donation forms and landing pages on your website.

Monthly giving programs- It has retention tools to build and sustain monthly giving programs

Peer-to-peer fundraising- Supporters can create personal fundraising pages

Fundraising events & tickets- It allows you to sell tickets, manage registrations, and collect donations at your event

Data & reporting- View & build custom reports and track donation segments.

Automations- Send customizable emails to donors, assign follow-up tasks to the team, and automate the company matching donation process during the campaign.  

GivingX vs Funraise: The Verdict

GivingX is a great choice for simple no-frill fundraisers. It has all the necessary features to set up your fundraiser campaign and share it on social media. It also has a lot of administrative features that make it easy to add team members and send customized updates to supporters. The biggest benefit of setting up a fundraiser on GivingX is that it comes with the lowest fee of 1.45% when compared to Funraise.

Funraise is the go-to fundraiser when you want to set up an advanced fundraiser that includes events, tickets, and auctions. So, if you are looking to organize events and auctions as a part of your fundraising campaign, Funraise may be a better option. But remember, the free plan includes the basic features. You need to pay for advanced features. You need to look into it, especially when your fundraising has limited budget options.  

We recommend going with GivingX when your primary focus is creating and managing online fundraising campaigns. The benefit of using GivingX is that it is simple to use with no complicated learning curve. You pay for features that you’ll need to make your campaign successful!    

Start crowdfunding by setting up your page on the custom fundraising software GivingX. Do it now!