February 02, 2023

How to be comfortable asking for help for your crowdfunding campaign

How to be comfortable asking for help for your crowdfunding campaign

Especially for first-timers, asking for help could be an embarrassing and awkward experience. After all, society expects you to handle your problems yourself. On the flip side, it is expected of friends and family to help you whenever you are in need. There are many people who’d love to help and may even feel pity for you if they aren’t in a position to help. No matter what your cause is, community fundraising can be quite tricky, you’ve got to ask for donations in the right way without being desperate or forceful.

Why asking for help should not make you feel uncomfortable

  • People love to be helpful

Usually, most people are helpful by nature. Whenever they see anyone struggling, it is human nature to offer or give help. This could be help of any kind. Think of it- our parents, teachers, friends, colleagues, and even random people always help us in any way when we request it. This could be as simple as asking for directions or trying to understand a complex topic.

  • Helping people monetarily increases people’s happiness

Just as you feel good and happy when you gift something to your loved ones, helping people monetarily gives people a sense of achievement and happiness. We all remember how we looked forward to the customary gifts or cash our aunt gave us when she came to visit us. Many people have a large heart, they wouldn’t think twice before helping people if they genuinely feel their pain and want them to come out of it. 

  • Studies show the link between helping and better health

Studies have shown how giving back to society and donating money can help people stay healthier, live longer, and improve the well-being of people. Those who give regularly understand this and would not shy from giving a part of their income to a just cause.

  • At some point in time, everyone needs help

No one can claim they’ve never had a difficult situation in life. Many people, especially the elderly, have experienced both good and bad days and can relate to the challenges people face. It doesn’t matter if you’re looking at medical fundraising, or environment fundraising, what matters is how well you put up your pitch and how genuine your pitch is. The main idea here is that you’ve got to get people to understand the problem and how their donations could solve that. 


How to reach your fundraising goals in the shortest possible time?

There’s only one way you could do this- start crowdfunding. The power of social media and internet ads has helped many nonprofits and private fundraisers to raise funds for their causes with minimal effort and maximum reach. Many use custom fundraising software to help them with this. Of course, you would need to ask for donations traditionally too, but the power of the internet means you could raise funds online and get funds from unexpected sources. 

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