February 16, 2023

How to create an impactful donation landing page

How to create an impactful donation landing page

Raising funds for a cause can be quite overwhelming. You are supposed to invest quite some time and money toward a host of activities- each that could get you closer to reaching your fundraising targets. When you start crowdfunding, you’d need a landing page that would allow you to get traffic from various sources and that could encourage people to give to your cause. This is easier said than done. Essentially, your landing page is the last chance you have to get the donations you need for nonprofit fundraising. In this post, we’ll see how to create an impactful donation landing page that meets expectations-

Create a compelling headline

A headline is the most important aspect of your landing page. Only with a compelling headline can you motivate people to donate. There are many ways you could create a compelling headline- by creating a sense of urgency, sharing a distressing statistic, demonstrating the impact benefit or just making a plain old appeal.

Write supporting text

Those who are interested in donating would not just stop at the headline, they would also read the supporting text. Here, you have to be short, succinct, and to the point to explain the cause and how your donation would make a big difference to the cause. In other words, the headline helps motivate the people while the supporting text gains additional trust.

Add supplementary visuals

No amount of text can make an impact without supplementary visuals. These could be images, GIFs, or videos that help explain the cause further and how the money donated would help further the cause. Here, you could use imagery of the people, animals, or places that would benefit from the cause, infographics that depict the current state, interactive maps and quizzes that further explain the cause, and much more.

Share real-life stories

Your donors need something to relate the cause to. Maybe they’ve faced a similar plight, or they can relate something in their lives to the cause your asking funds for. A real-life story can help further instill trust in potential donors so that they will give through the custom fundraising software you’ve chosen.

Add a CTA

Your Call-To-Action button should be placed prominently so that donors can click on it, fill out the form and make the payment. The CTA should contain copy that motivates action, for instance, you could consider copy like, ‘Donate Now’, ‘Make a difference to (CAUSE) Today’, and so on.

Create an easy-to-fill form

Not all prospective donors would donate right away. They would need time to think about the whole situation. To follow up constructively with these people, you need to collect their data with an easy-to-fill form. You could then stay in touch via phone or email and eventually convince them to donate.

Optimize for mobile

With a mobile phone in almost everyone’s hands, you must optimize your landing page for mobile. Many donors may come to you from emails, web links, or even SMSs; your landing page should be optimized to run without any errors on all screens. Even in the case of emergency fundraising, your mobile phone would be a great medium to collect funds at any point of time.


In the end

There are many barriers to raising funds for any cause. Landing pages help you get donations from as many sources as possible. It is the final point of contact that should get potential donors to give in larger amounts.