July 25, 2022

How to Get More Donations in 5 Minutes or Less

How to Get More Donations in 5 Minutes or Less

What motivates people to donate? Getting into each donor’s mind is next to impossible. But as a nonprofit, it’s your duty to try everything possible to get maximum donations. Your role is to create opportunities for donors to give.

Online fundraising platforms such as GivingX are the best solutions when it comes to raising funds easily. All you must do is set up a donation page and share it on social media to spread the word. But wait, there’s more to it than just setting up a page.

We’ll let out some secret tips or top fundraising ideas to help you get more donations in five minutes or less. Let’s get started.  

Start Crowdfunding

Top fundraising idea No.1- Frame the words

Provide people with specific information on the donation page set up on the online fundraising platform. This is a strong way to grab their attention. Give donors an obvious reason why they should donate. Let the prospect know what the money would go toward. Frame the words carefully to build trust with your supporters.

  • Use the word “you” instead of “we” or “us”, for instance, “You can help end hunger.”
  • Use words “support” or “partner” instead of “donate”, for example, “Partner with XYZ organization to end hunger.”
  • Avoid using negative expressions like “Without your support, we cannot end hunger”. Instead, use “You can put an end to hunger today by supporting XYZ organization”.
  • Use the word “because” or “small gift”. For instance, “Your small gift of $10 will provide John with one day’s food because no child in this world should go to sleep with a hungry stomach”.   

Your words impact the donation outcome. How you ask for donations is just as important as whom you ask to support your fundraiser. Plan a proper asking strategy to inspire potential donors to donate to your fundraiser.  

Top fundraising idea No.2- Photos that speak

One of the instant ways to tug the heartstrings of your donors is to put high-quality great images on the donation page of the online fundraising platform. A great photo will aid in the visualization of the cause and the impact the contribution may have on the subject. You need to build trust and emotional connection between the donors and the beneficiaries and compel the donors to give money. Don’t shy away from putting photos of your beneficiaries in distress. They may be at the hospital awaiting treatment, or it may be a man in tattered clothes. Show the prospective donors the harsh reality. Donors must be able to instantly understand why you are asking for money and how it’ll help impact the lives of others.

Top fundraising idea No.3- Let them know you are almost there

When a fundraiser is close to meeting its goal, the more likely people are to donate. When you show people that their involvement will make a difference, it motivates them to donate. A visual donation thermometer works great to show that you are almost nearing the goal. You can write words like “Only $1000 needed for John’s better life” or “$1000 more to bring a smile on John’s face”. When you increase your fundraiser’s momentum, it makes the donors want to be a part of this noble cause and they are more likely to donate to see the goal being accomplished due to their help. It gives them an empathetic joy to know their donation will help someone in need.

Top fundraising idea No.4- Create a sense of urgency

If you say, we intend to complete building an orphanage in the next two years, don’t expect donors to give money immediately. They may think of waiting for another year before making up their mind to donate. If you would have said, we must complete building a shelter for the homeless within the next month before it rains, people sense urgency and donate at once without delay. Explain what’ll happen if you don’t raise money urgently. For instance, a patient needs immediate surgery, within two days, for better chances of survival- the donors know it is a matter of life and death and their contribution has the power to change a negative consequence into a positive impact. Conveying a sense of urgency when sharing your fundraiser is important because, without it, your potential donors may wait requiring you to ask them again down the line.

Top fundraising idea No.5- Powerful call to action    

Why should a donor give to your cause? Reinforce the impact their contribution may have when they scroll down to the call-to-action button. Throughout the donation form, you have said about the cause, the reasons for people to donate, and how the funds will be utilized. In the end, make a compelling case for support and help donors understand the impact their donations will have on the beneficiaries. For instance, “When you partner with the initiatives of Free-Hunger organization, you help hundreds of kids like John and Mary to have a delicious healthy meal at least one time a day. Your contribution will prove to be a life-changer for people in need. Make your donation, show your support”.  

Top fundraising idea No.6- Don’t ask for extra details

When the donor hits on the Donate button, don’t try to act smart by asking them for their contact details. Addresses, location, phone number, gender, or age details are unnecessary and demotivate a prospective donor from completing the donation. Even if you need their contact number, put a note saying that the contact details will not be shared without their permission. A fantastic way of collecting information is to add a checkbox at the end of the payment process asking their permission to email them a simple survey form. Another way is to give them an option to complete the survey or move on. This way, you keep the donation payment process fast and simple.  

Top fundraising idea No.7- Ask for more donations

You only get more when you ask for it. A great call to action button to donate will not suffice if you want your donors to consider giving repeatedly. Instead, add an option for donors to make a gift on a recurring basis in addition to a one-time donation. Plan tiered recurring donation amounts and keep it in smaller denominations so that the donor won’t hesitate in opting for it. For example, you can give options for monthly recurring donations of $10, $50, $100, $250, and $500. The donor will select one depending on their ability to donate each month. You can also nudge the donor through recurring donation popups as they reach the end of the donation process and are about to make a one-time donation. For this, your first criterion is to select an online fundraising platform that offers you all these features. GivingX, a crowdfunding platform, has advanced features to make your fundraiser a success.

Start raising money online in 5 minutes or less today

Take your efforts to the next level with these top fundraising ideas. Remember, it’s all about understanding the psychology of your donors and implementing strategies on your donation page before you share them on social media.

GivingX is an online fundraising platform that helps nonprofits raise money easily and fast. Know more about its features here. Start your donation page on GivingX now and start getting donations within 5 minutes of you sharing the link on social media.

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