April 18, 2022

How to Set Up a Successful Donation Page and Raise Money for What Matters

How to Set Up a Successful Donation Page and Raise Money for What Matters

Popular charity fundraising platforms go beyond the simple setup process and offer a host of features that helps you in raising maximum money. From easily shareable links to donor payment options, from good customer support to social sharing, all features are aimed to bring more traffic and help you raise your fundraising goals.

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Let’s see how to set up a successful donation page and raise money for what matters.

Registe ryourself as an individual or as an organization on the fundraising platform. Now is the time to set up a donation page for charity.

1. Start with the title

The title of your donation page should be catchy to attract the attention of potential donors. Include the name of the cause for which you are raising funds. This will encourage people to click on the story and read further details.

Tips for a great fundraiser title:

  • Describe who the fundraiser is for and for what. For example “Help Jacob beat Cancer” looks better instead of a general title “Cancer Fundraiser”.
  • Convey an emotion or specific tone through the title. For example “Help John, the brave soldier, walk again” or “Save Ron grandpa’s garden”.
  • Use keywords to make it easy to find. Some people may look to donate to specific causes. So a title such as “Life-saving surgery for Wella” or “Hearing Aid for Danny kid” helps you get interested donors to your donation page.

2. Not a description but write a story

You cannot be mechanically writing a brief description of why you want to raise funds. It has to be compelling and detailed enough to make people relate to your cause. Yes, people do not want a long story so take time to write a story that is clear, concise, and covers the who, what, when, why, and how of the situation. It has to cover these aspects.

  • Whom are you raising funds for? Give a brief on the beneficiary. Inform the people of their financial situation.
  • Why do they need funds? Tell the problem the beneficiary is facing and why they are short of money.
  • When do they need funds? It is also important for donors to know that the cause is urgent and hence the fundraiser campaign.
  • How much amount is needed? Justify the expenses if the amount is too big. Let them understand the reasons why you need this amount of money.
  • How can donors help? List the expenses in detail and how the donations can help the beneficiary.
  • In totality, your description should be a story that should answer all important questions about the fundraiser.

3. Video & photos

Visual content is a powerful tool to show emotions. It tells a story by itself. Adding videos and images to the donation page that you have set up on the charity fundraising platform will encourage people to give donations instantly. Make sure that you put short videos and high-quality photos. 

4. Fundraising goal

Don’t make the fundraising goal an afterthought. Plan how much you intend to raise by setting up the donation page on the fundraising platform in advance. And yes, the goal should make sense and look genuine to the donors. Overtly ambitious goals make the potential donors feel like their contribution will not count anything. So, it is always better to start with a small goal so that the money received will at least help the beneficiary achieve the first step for the cause.  

Note: You can raise your fundraising goal later if you feel you are getting a good response. Even if you have not reached the goal, you can keep the donations you have received.

5. Share the maximum

As much thought as you put into creating the donation page on the fundraising platform, so much goes even for sharing the link with all your supporters. How much you share and to whom you share can have a big impact on the success of your fundraising campaign.

Before you start promoting the donation page link, share it with 4 to 5 of your close supporters to ask for feedback. Also, ensure that the fundraiser has solid donations before you promote it left and right. A steady launch to the campaign with initial donations will ensure funds keep pouring in.

Now, share this page link on social media. Encourage your supporters to share the page as much as they can with their friends and family. The crowdfunding concept is a success when it gets the maximum crowd for your cause.

6. Post updates

Posting updates about the cause is a simple way to keep the donors in the loop. Also, it will help you if you need their support again. Another advantage is that it helps the campaign build momentum if it is not getting the response you expected. The update needn’t be elaborate. It can be as simple as posting a photo or a Thank You video. It can also be some lines of text telling about the recent developments of the cause. And yes, you can post updates at least once a week until you have completely closed the donations.

7. Show gratitude to the donors

Once you have set up the donation page on the fundraising platform, you start a journey of building a community of supporters and donors. They have been generous enough to help you. Now, it is your turn to show them gratitude. Write a Thank You email to each donor if you have time. Else, post a Thank You video on the donation page with the beneficiary telling them the updates and showing gratitude to the donors and supporters. By showing gratitude, you are inspiring the donors to repeat the donations for another worthy cause.


Now that we have guided you through the steps to set up a successful donation page on a charity fundraising platform to raise money for what matters, it is time to start one. Go to the givingx website and start your fundraiser campaign by setting up a donation page today.