February 14, 2023

Make your website your biggest fundraising source

Make your website your biggest fundraising source

When it comes to fundraising, you cannot leave any stone unturned. Yes, you might be doing everything you can to raise funds via in-person calls, events, emails, and much more, but you must realize that your donors would want to know more about you before they enter their credit card details. This makes your website a core element for your fundraising campaign, which you need to develop in such a way that it offers all the information any potential donor would like to know.

How to encourage donors to give through your website?

Create a donation form- When you start crowdfunding for any cause, the first thing you do is create a donation form. Here’s where you can get prospective donors to fill in their details so that you know more about them. Some of them may not donate right away, but their contact details would prove handy to contact them later. As you may be accepting a large number of small ticket donations, you should consider opting for custom fundraising software that would allow you to manage your work better.

Accept all kinds of donations- You cannot be choosy when it comes to the type of donations you seek. Some may prefer to donate via wire transfer, while others may prefer donating in foreign currency, stocks, or even cryptocurrencies. You have to make sure your cause accepts all such kinds of donations- you cannot afford to let go of any donor who’d want to donate unconventionally. For this, contact your fundraising software provider or ask someone who knows more about payment systems so that you can integrate the relevant applications to accept all kinds of donations.

Show details of the cause and how the money would be spent- Donors would love to know how their money is going to be used for the betterment of society. This could be urgent donations for medical fundraising or donations for any other cause. The donor would like to view the way the money is going to be spent and how it has been spent to date. Also, they’d like to know how you’ve made an impact by changing the status quo and how the funds would further enhance the cause. Your website should have video, text, images, and graphs depicting all of these for the best impact.

Use a real-time goal meter- If you are crowdfunding for a limited amount, it makes sense to show how much you’ve raised to date, and how much more needs to be raised to reach your goal. Many fundraising software offers you this- these ‘goal meters’ get automatically updated once someone donates to this cause.

Create a landing page and share it on all official communications- A landing page summarizes your entire fundraising campaign. You can get people to come here from your various marketing tools- emails, QR codes, SMSs, blogs, and other sources. Once here, the donors can Donate through the GivingX Donate Button.


In the end

Getting people to donate to your cause is an extremely challenging task. With the help of fundraising software like GivingX, you can get this done easily, efficiently, and quickly. GivingX allows you to integrate your website into the software and accept donations, manage donors, and funds, and do a lot more through a single interface. If needed, you can also integrate third-party apps. For more details, visit GivingX.