May 19, 2023

Making Your Nonprofit’s Donation Page Accessible to Everyone

Making Your Nonprofit’s Donation Page Accessible to Everyone

As a nonprofit organization, you have to ensure all doors are open to collect contributions and deliver them to the beneficiaries. To achieve this, nonprofits should begin by analyzing how they can make their cause accessible to all. In this digital world where nonprofits have started using multiple technological tools to boost their presence, you can start by making your donation page accessible and easy to use.

What is a donation page?

A donation page is a simplified webpage where your supporters and donors can donate for a cause now. Rather than making donations through checks in emails or in-person fundraising events, a donation page gives donors the flexibility to donate at their convenience. Additionally, by supporting multiple payment gateways, you can effortlessly have your donors make contributions with minimum clicks. 

GivingX is a custom fundraising software that allows nonprofits to create online donation pages. You can integrate these pages with 125+ payment gateways and improve your chances of securing donations for your noble cause, unlike conventional fundraising software, which has some type of restrictions. GivingX software makes giving easy with its accessible platform. All this is available at an affordable cost of 1.25% of the platform fee. 

Importance of accessibility to all

A website with limited accessibility is a sign that you are not considering everyone while preparing your website. As a nonprofit, this limitation can have a significant effect on the donations that you receive. It can even prevent your cause from reaching those donors who are actually interested in donating but are unable to access the data. 

Making the website accessible doesn’t limit to mere access, we are referring to all the spheres of your website. For example, by creating a mobile responsive donation page, your donors can easily make payments from their mobile phones without much effort. 

Some Common Mistakes that we make while designing a donation page

Poorly Optimized Content

To increase your donation page’s visibility across all platforms, start by producing SEO-friendly content. Having your team analyze the keywords and how to strengthen your presence online is an excellent way to make your donation page accessible to all.

Bad Image Quality

Your website tends to lose its credibility when you add images of poor quality or broken images. This creates a sense of dread among the donors and makes them step back from making any donation to your cause. Adding images of good quality helps in averting this issue. 

Poor Color Contrast

To improve the visibility of the content to all visitors even for those with vision problems, we recommend adding colors and texts with the optimum contrast value. If there is too much contrast, it affects the readability of your content on the website. 

No Alt Text

Including Alt Text is a wonderful solution for those having vision impairments. Though they cannot read the content on your website, they can use the Alt text to read out the content loud and make contributions to serve the cause.

Absence Of Video Captions

In order to bring your cause to those with hearing impairments, ensure that all your videos have captions. This will help them understand your cause and make contributions through your online donation page. 

Complex UI

Another major problem that affects the accessibility of the donation page is a poor UI. It makes it difficult for donors to navigate across the web pages with a complicated UI. Create a donation page that is simple and easy to use.

Device Responsiveness

Build a website that is accessible from all devices. Periodically check the device responsiveness of your website across tablets, desktops, and mobile phones. Further, ensure you support keyboard navigation along with mouse navigation. 

Through the above section, you must have gotten an idea of the common mistakes and how to rectify them. By following these steps, you can improve the accessibility of your website.

Top Strategies To Make Your Donation Page Accessible

Now that we know what has to be done to improve the overall website’s accessibility, let’s see some of the proven strategies to make your donation page more accessible. 

1. Choose the right fundraising software

When you align your nonprofit organization with custom fundraising software, it turns into a hassle-free process. How? Custom fundraising software like GivingX makes it easy to create online donation pages and publish them. As you rely upon GivingX for your complete donation process, we take utmost excellence while delivering our services. 

By incorporating fundraising software, you increase your chance of promoting your organization as a credible one along with increasing your conversion rates. When your donors access the donation page, they have the facility to access all the information related to the cause. Furthermore, they can make payments through 125+ secured payment gateways

2. Use suitable CTAs

One of the most common causes for an increase in the exit rate, once donors view your page, is a poor CTA. A Call-To-Action is the ultimate step your donors are prompted to do after viewing your donation page and other content related to your organization. So, create a stunning CTA that motivates them to move forward with the donation.

It is not necessary for your CTA to redirect to the donation page or payment gateway. There are other forms of CTAs like encouraging your visitors to view your social media handles or subscribing to your emailer. In any case, you have to create contrasting CTA buttons that are easy to locate and do not require too much navigation. Adding too many CTAs also spoils the page - analyze and place them in strategic locations. 

3. Brand your page

It is our responsibility to iterate the importance of branding on your donation page. Branding creates a sense of awareness among your donors. The presence of your brand’s logo makes your donors comfortable while making contributions. This is so true for new donors who are yet to make any contribution. Once they see your logo, they will identify your nonprofit and start donating to your cause.

Adding other branding elements like the right font, colors, and tone further increases your conversion rates. To make these branding elements visible to all, start by following the best practices of displaying legible content with the required contrast level. Finally, add all these practices to your web style guide to make your branding uniform across all your pages.

4. Audit your website and donation page 

Incorporating a periodic audit of your website is a good way to avoid the common mistakes that usually occur on websites. This also helps you to periodically monitor the page speed and check if any images or logos are broken. 

If possible, you can also hire a website developer or a digital marketing agency to audit your website and ensure that there is no compromise with regard to website accessibility. This will ensure that you implement all the guidelines related to your brand and website styling. 

Wrapping Up

In this evolving world where technology plays a major role in shaping our everyday activities, it has become essential for the website provider to make the website accessible to all. As a nonprofit organization, having an all-accessible website improves your probability of receiving donations. 

GivingX’s fundraising software is the right choice when you want to create online donation page accessible to all. You can also start your crowdfunding today with GivingX. Irrespective of your requirements, GivingX has all the tools you need to create and launch an accessible donation page. 

Check GivingX’s features and pricing list for more information about our software.