April 04, 2022

Starting a fundraiser? How to ask for donations

Starting a fundraiser? How to ask for donations

Asking for help is difficult, people don’t trust you easily. Collecting donations for charities is challenging and you are often left wondering what went wrong and where you should focus your efforts to raise money for the cause. Starting a fundraiser may appear simple at the onset but you grow frustrated when you don’t reach the financial objective.

Don’t be concerned. We have some tips on how to ask for donations. But before that, we recommend creating a campaign on a trusted online fundraising platform. There are several advantages to it.

  • It expands your reach and increases the donor base
  • It can easily be shared across support groups
  • It makes the donation process simple and easy for donors 
  • Since the process is automated, it makes the fundraising process easy saving you time and effort
  • It provides you real-time data to track the incoming funds

Now that you have created an online fundraising campaign, it’s time to ask for donations. 

How to ask for donations from friends, family members, and peers?

Asking for donations from your family and friends for a noble cause or worthwhile project is considerably easy. They are most likely on the same page as you when it comes to working for a good cause and they trust and care for you. These shared values make it easy for you to ask for donations from friends and family who live in the immediate vicinity or even those who reside far away with simply a phone call.

Be truthful

Always be upfront about the cause. Tell them where the funds will be spent and why you’re seeking help. They could even give you some pointers on starting a fundraiser. If they truly believe in you, they will share the link with their peers and friends expanding your donor base.

Ask the right people

Since you know each of your friends and family, you may ask for donations from those you feel will be supportive of the cause. It’s possible that some of them may not agree with you on the project. So, refrain from asking for donations from such individuals. Don’t risk your friendship or relationship for the sake of fundraising.

Be ready for a NO

It’s not uncommon for those you anticipate to donate to say a NO, while people you didn’t expect to donate do so generously. If someone says a No, it’s okay. It is unlikely that everyone you contact will be willing to offer you money.

How to ask for donations from business organizations?

Businesses that practice Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) set aside a portion of their revenues to help their community or people. Apart from monetary donations, these corporate businesses also donate in-kind and organize volunteer efforts from their staff. Try to nurture long-term relationships with these organizations because if they believe in your cause, they will continue to support you.

Talk to the right person

You cannot approach a company’s CEO directly in the hopes of receiving funding, nor can you seek the help of an apprentice to secure a donation. However, you can talk to the interns to find out the best person to contact for such donations. Make sure you contact the right person with your cover letter.

Look for companies that share a common goal

Learn about the company and the charities they are associated with. If your cause aligns with the company’s values, there is every probability they’ll give you a good donation.

Be specific about the numbers and the cause

Business organizations want a detailed report on the expected donations and their utilization. So go ready to explain the cause, the amount of money you expect to raise, and how it will be used. You can also offer them something in return, like naming a portion of the building after them or displaying their logo on any prominent spot or on the uniform.

How to ask for donations from the government and foundations?

The grants made by foundations and the government have strict guidelines for whom they may give money to and how it must be used. Even though it may seem restrictive, talk to them if your cause is eligible for a grant. They will recommend strategies or other avenues for obtaining donations. If eligible, apply for the grant because you can get a significant amount of money.

Research about the grant

Since government grants are hard to come by, individuals, charities and nonprofits spend months researching them. Do your homework thoroughly before you apply.

Follow the guidelines

The government and foundations have a clear set of guidelines in place when applying for the grant. If the grant has specific instructions, abide by them. If you do not take it seriously, your application will be outright rejected.  

How to ask for donations from crowdfunding?

Crowdfunding may seem like the easiest way to ask for donations. But with thousands of campaigns set up on online fundraising platforms, you have to make your cause stand out from the rest.

  • Craft a compelling campaign story. Be truthful because people like donating for a legitimate cause.
  • Be specific when you ask. Tell potential donors about the current situation, the reason why you need money, and the desired amount you intend to raise to benefit the cause. 
  • Create a sense of urgency when sharing the fundraiser campaign. Explain what happens if you don’t raise money within a certain time.
  • Make it easy to donate. When sharing the link be specific with the modes of payment.
  • Post regular updates on the fundraising progress and acknowledge the contributions of donors however small the amount. Show them that you care.

Bottom line

Starting a fundraiser is just half the task done. The next half is to find potential donors and ask for donations.
givingx, an online fundraising platform, makes your task easy and simple. You can create visually compelling videos and descriptions to ask for help. Keep your spirits high when asking for donations because you are working towards a noble cause and it is all that matters.