May 05, 2023

Tips To Design The Best Nonprofit Landing Page For Donations

Tips To Design The Best Nonprofit Landing Page For Donations

With more nonprofit organizations going digital, your online presence is more essential than ever. It is not sufficient to have an online giving page or a dedicated website for your nonprofit organization, which means you have to do something more to attract donors and volunteers. Donors and volunteers are the most significant constituents of any fundraiser. Hence, as a nonprofit, you have to take all the necessary measures to attract them through the best landing pages. In this article, we will walk you through some of the best practices to design the best nonprofit landing page for donations. 

What is a nonprofit landing page?

True to its name, a landing page is the first page your visitors see when they click a link redirecting to your website. The main objective of having a landing page is to convert visitors into loyal customers. In the case of nonprofit organizations, the primary motive is to convert them into everlasting donors. As this page opens the door to new opportunities, you have to be cautious about what you display and how you show it. 

However, we recommend having a landing page for donations so that your visitors can directly land on the page where they can make contributions without redirecting them to any other pages.

A donation page as the landing page is one of the most popular types of landing pages for nonprofits. It has only one cause - encourage visitors to donate for a cause now


Best Practices to Design a nonprofit landing page for Donations

Before you create your donation page, we recommend understanding the best practices so that the giving effort reaches a wider audience and increases the chances of receiving a donation.

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1. Create a convincing headline

This is the first section your visitors will notice when they land on your donation page. The first line can make or break your deal. According to research, a crafty headline can help businesses bring in more conversions. The best advice to achieve successful headlines is to keep it crisp and simple. 

Here are some of the best practices to create a convincing headline:

  • Ensure your donation page talks about the benefits of the fundraiser and not the features of the fundraiser.
  • Stress the urgency of the fundraiser. You are asking for funds for a cause that requires immediate attention. Make it a point to tell that to the visitors.
  • Talk about how you plan on transferring the funds to the beneficiaries. Mention if is through cash or supplies.
  • Show some data that attests to the need for the fund. For example, 1 in 10 people are suffering from hunger. 
  • Finally, be polite and request the funds. By making an appeal, you come across as humble and there are higher chances of conversions here.

By following the above tips, you can create attractive headlines that will definitely connect with your audience. 

2. Venture with connectable copies

The next step after preparing a convincing headline is to create relatable copies in the body of your donation page. Remember that you are not selling a product, hence you need not take the route of conventional marketing where you identify customers’ difficulties and provide solutions through your products. Here, you have to develop an emotional connection with the donors. 

Here are some of the best practices to create relatable copies:

  • Make it a point to stop beating around the bush and directly speak about the cause to the visitors. 
  • When you talk about the cause of your donation, provide some background information on the fundraiser. 
  • Once you introduce the cause, talk about how the contributions will help the beneficiaries.
  • Try not to be too formal and focus on creating a bond with the visitors. 

When you incorporate these tricks while preparing your landing page for donations, you can definitely convince your donors to make contributions. 

3. Add Stunning Images

You must have heard the saying, “A picture speaks a thousand words”. Nowadays, most people do not have the time to read through each and every line. Further, when the audience is greeted with a website with mere content and no visuals, they sense a feeling of disappointment. Because websites are incomplete without images. They might even consider it a red flag if there are no proper visuals. 

Below we have listed some of the visual types that you can use while preparing the landing pages for donations.

  • Request donors to donate for a cause now by showing images of people who will benefit from the fundraiser.
  • Display the latest statistics and data to support your cause. You can also showcase stats on your previous fundraisers.
  • Add introductory videos so that your website visitors can get an idea about the whole cause and why the contribution is important.
  • Request feedback from your donors on the contribution or their general view of the cause. 

Nowadays, several fundraising software is available using which you can create an online landing page and design with illustrations and visuals.

4. Include a call-to-action button

While the main purpose of the above three sections is to encourage visitors to donate, it is achieved online through a call-to-action button. Your CTAs are essential and your donation landing page is incomplete and futile if you do not include this. The call-to-action button should redirect the donors to a donation page followed by a secure gateway where they can make payments without any compromise to their data security.

Before you design your CTA button, please keep an eye on these qualities.

  • Create an engaging CTA button with contrasting colors. They should look distinct when the visitors look at the website.
  • Place the CTA button in a prominent position where it is easy for the donors to locate and contribute to the cause.
  • Give interactive names for the CTA button. Avoid making it dull. Rather, make it grab the attention of the donors.

Since your CTA is ready, we can go to the most important part of your landing page - donation forms. 

5. Create a simple form

Creating a landing page with excellent content and stunning visuals will direct your visitors to click the CTA. However, they back off from making a donation if the donation form is complicated or requires too much information. Hence, all your efforts won’t bear the required results unless you create a functional donation form. 

Here are a few tips that will come to your rescue while creating donation forms.

  • Never ask for unnecessary details from your donors. No one likes sharing too much personal information. 
  • Rework your donation work until you make it as simple as you can. 
  • Rather than asking for a fixed amount, give options to choose from different ranges. This will increase your chance of receiving donations.

Now, you have done all the optimizations required to create an effective and responsive landing page to collect funds for your fundraisers.

Pro Tips

In addition to the above practices, we recommend taking into account the below suggestion to boost your chances of receiving donations.

  • Create device-friendly pages. Make it a point to ensure the responsiveness of your landing pages so that it becomes easy for donors to make donations.
  • Never leverage one donation page to serve multiple causes. Create a unique donation page for each cause. This will strengthen your cause and increases the chance of receiving donations. 
  • Leverage the Donor Management CRM software of GivingX to manage all your audits related to your donations and donors. 
  • Incorporate an automatic language translation facility for your online donation page to reach a wider audience and capture more donors. 

Wrapping Up

Create online donation page or start your crowdfunding now with GivingX. GivingX has all the tools you need to create an interactive donation page as your landing page. By putting the above tips into practice and leveraging the tools provided by GivingX, you can absolutely reach the target and offer help to the beneficiaries. 

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