March 15, 2023

Top 5 Fundraising Trends for More Donations in 2023

Top 5 Fundraising Trends for More Donations in 2023

The sudden rise in unprecedented global situations has evoked human emotions like never before. The continuous disruption in everyone’s lives due to physical, biological, and economic factors has stressed the importance of fundraising. Post-COVID, more people are coming forward to lend their helping hands to the needy. People are ready to donate a portion of their money or belonging for people's welfare. 

As a fundraiser, you must comprehend the trends related to fundraising and update your process to match them. If not, you will find it laborious to meet the target contribution. In this article, we discuss the top five fundraising trends to collect more donations in 2023. 

Fundraising In Modern Times

Fundraising is not a new concept. You can see the traces of fundraising through the sands of time. However, modern fundraising dates back to the 1900s. During this period, the world saw the emergence of new fundraising principles that changed how fundraisers collect donations. 

We are in the age of information and technology. Information is King, and technology is a means to attain it. Nowadays, fundraisers employ modern scientific tools like custom Fundraising software, AI, and other techniques to streamline their fundraising. Through these tools, they construct a systematic approach to their fundraising. You must understand the trends to know what to adopt and how to adapt. So, let’s go through the top fundraising trends for 2023. 


1. Secure Transactions Through Digital Payments

The concept of collecting money as cash is history with the arrival of new payment methods. Most businesses across the globe do transactions using digital payments. According to McKinsey’s report, 89% of individuals in the US use digital payments to make transactions. 

Nowadays, most fundraisers also accept payments through digital channels. Also, digital payments take place within minutes. 

It is the right time to say goodbye to the traditional method of collecting cash and switch to digital payments. The GivingX platform allows you to collect payments from 125+ payment gateways securely.

Are you using a different website to collect funds? You can simply integrate that website with GivingX. As a final step, add a GivingX button to collect the contributions in a secure environment. 

2. Leverage Single Software For Fundraising

Imagine you create custom donation forms on one website, add donor profiles on another website, and collect payments through a different platform. Doesn’t it sound tedious? If you were the donor, you might even question the authenticity of such fundraising when put through a similar process. 

With more cases of fraudulent activities, people are cautious about their digital transactions. So, you have to earn their trust and not miss out on any money. GivingX is an all-in-one software that helps you throughout your fundraising. 

Be it any form of fundraising - the custom fundraising software has the perfect features to make your fundraising a success. With GivingX, you can set up online donation page, start your crowdfunding, or any other form of fundraising. This fundraising software supports free unlimited integrations. So, you can pull data from multiple websites into a single bundle. 

Now your donors will feel safe while contributing any amount of money. 

3. Manage Your Team Operations Online

The impending storm of inflation has created compact working conditions for organizations. Most organizations worldwide are laying off their employees. In such cases, you cannot onboard new employees or put more pressure on the existing workforce. 

The only solution to this hurdle is utilizing fundraising software that simplifies the tasks of your workforce. With powerful fundraising software like GivingX, you can smoothly automate your team’s work. You can free up the repetitive tasks and allow your teams to focus more on the pressing issues. 

GivingX enables you to assign roles to your team. You can also make announcements on important activities through the software. It also lets your team send emails to donors with minimum effort. So, what are you waiting for? Cut the cost of operations and make smart decisions with the most flexible software, GivingX. 

4. Modernize Your DRM (Donor Relationship Management) System

Donors are invaluable assets. Without them, there is no point even if you create custom donation forms, set up online donation page, or accept payments from multiple gateways. Everything becomes futile. The most important task that fundraisers have to pay attention to is donor retention.

Donor retention is possible only when you maintain a good relationship with them, track their past funding, and send personalized messages on important events. You can make this feasible with flexible software that achieves all these objectives. 

GivingX has everything you need for an interactive relationship with your donors. The Donor CRM allows you to track all the previous funding of the donor, collect monthly donations, and leave messages. Further, you can allow donors to cover the platform’s fee while also generating automatic receipts.

5. Create A Transparent Fundraiser

With security gaining the spotlight, again and again, organizations are using all possible methods to create transparency with their partners. Likewise, fundraisers should encourage a transparent platform for donors to know the details of the contributions and meet the target amount.

GivingX enables fundraisers to display the amount contributed for each fundraiser exclusively when the donors make payment. It is advantageous for both parties as donors will make informed decisions, and the fundraiser will reach the goal effortlessly.

The world economy is unstable, and people have tightened their pockets to save for the upcoming waves. With transparent software, you can reassure your commitment to security and transparency to the donors.


Wrapping Up

The above sections list the top five trends of fundraising that you must keep an eye on in 2023. However, there are other factors that you must consider. For instance, your fundraising trend may vary slightly depending on the type of fundraising. Say before you start your crowdfunding, you need a proper plan on the objective, duration, and investment. Check out this space for more informative articles on fundraising.