April 19, 2023

What Are The Key Fundraising Strategies For Successful Fundraisers?

What Are The Key Fundraising Strategies For Successful Fundraisers?

Being a nonprofit organization, there lies a greater responsibility toward the community. To donate for a cause now, you have to gather volunteers, donors, and other board members to get the task done. However, it is easier said than done. Behind the curtains, you have to carry forward a number of tasks. Only if they are successful, you will be able to make your fundraiser a successful event. This will lead to the development of the community and the country. 

So, how to make it work behind the curtains? With an effective fundraising strategy, you can certainly organize and implement a successful fundraising campaign that will strengthen giving. 

A cutting-edge fundraising strategy combined with GivingX Fundraising Software is what you need to boost your fundraising campaign. In this article, we’ll reveal the top strategies without which your campaigns or any efforts become futile.

Key Strategies For An Effective Fundraiser

When you are running short of funds or if your existing strategies are not bearing the expected results, it calls for a restructuring of your operations. It starts with planning an effective strategy. In this section, we have discussed the key strategies for a profitable fundraiser.

1. Provide more payment options

Giving or donating to any charity cause is honorable. Hence, the donors who take part in the charity should be given the privilege to pay through different modes and it should not be restricted to a single payment mode. 

As you’re making their payment journey flexible, it further strengthens their giving intent. This is because they are going to make payments through a trustable and comfortable payment medium. 

First, provide the giving options through mobile phone, text, or online. This will simplify their task of donating right from where they are. Through these communication channels, offer them different payment modes like Paypal, Net Banking, Credit Card, or any other UPI. 

Offer like Paypal, Net Banking, or Credit Card.

2. Make your website personal

With more nonprofit organizations going online through websites and other social media platforms, you are also increasing your scope of becoming visible. As you gain more web traffic and visitors to your online platform, you have to increase the chances of converting every visitor into a donor. 

To achieve this, you should make every detail on your website clear with a personal touch. Your website should depict the goals of your charity while inclusively showcasing the successful fundraisers from the past. Once that is done, add a clear donate button on the home page. 

Make it simple and add the button right on your home page. You have a better chance of getting a donation on the home page rather than on the second or third pages. 

3. Utilize a CRM for data management 

Managing your donor database is very essential for successful campaigns. Your donors are the building blocks of your fundraiser and your nonprofit is defective unless you have a solid plan to retain your donors. Hence, you should take all possible steps to manage your donors and 

GivingX custom fundraising software brings your closer to your donors. While your conventional methods of donor management might have been good, there are certain areas where it lags. For example, an Excel sheet doesn’t have a platform for interaction. A Donor CRM, on the other hand, lets you schedule appointments, make follow-ups, send messages, and log every call. 

When you utilize a Donor CRM, you can track the behavior of your donors, predict their preferred charity cause, and take better decisions. This will help you to prioritize selective donors for certain causes. 

4. Communicate whenever you can

Having a stable and healthy relationship with your donor is important. This is because these are the people who will help your cause when you are running a fundraising event or a charity. However, imagine talking to them only when you need their donations. Isn’t that a bit awkward? Naturally, you’ll develop some form of hesitancy.

This sudden reach only for donations may even make the donor back off. There may be some other nonprofit organizations with whom they have healthier communication. Henceforth, this will make them prioritize that cause over yours. We agree that all causes are good and will reach the affected. However, here we are talking about having a fundraising strategy.

The best way to have smooth communication is to have frequent interactions. Send a thank you note, wish them on their birthday, or any other special events, and have your representative talk to them once in a blue moon. This will create a sense of familiarity and your donors will prefer your organization when they are willing to donate to a cause.

5. Analyze frequently and rework your strategy

As a fundraiser, you have to set three factors in motion - goals, objectives, and targets. The operation of these three factors should never stop. In fact, you should have a separate team to work on this. 

  1. Goals - Ensure that everyone in your organization is aware of your goals for the upcoming fundraiser, week, or even year. Conduct quarterly meetings to review the performance of your teams and take measures to improve them. 
  2. Objectives - Define the objectives of your nonprofit for the next three years. Think long-term and make plans to achieve them. However, avoid making plans for more than 5 years. This is more of a disadvantage than an advantage. 
  3. Targets - For the successful operation of your nonprofit organization, you have to continuously be in search of targets. Identify new targets that will help you to achieve your fundraising goals for the next three years.

Once you are clear of these factors, analyze the outcomes of your goals, objectives, and target reach. Identify the loopholes and fix them immediately for a better conversion rate. Always, do an internal audit to understand different parameters associated with your fundraisers. 

6. Leverage new marketing techniques

With the evolution of technology, there is a rise in the number of techniques used to market products or services. While your charity cause is not a product or service, you cannot avert the need for marketing. 

While email marketing has existed for a longer period, we now have newer means of communication like social media, popups, and push notifications. These channels are really effective in improving your conversion rate.

You can try out any or all of these methods to boost your funding. Online platforms are powerful and a simple recommendation from one volunteer or donor can make a huge difference. For instance, you can start your crowdfunding now and share the link on social media. If the link is from a valid website like GivingX, you have a higher chance of gaining some donations.

Even if you are running short of budget, we’d recommend using any of these online channels for better visibility, authenticity, and more donations.

Wrapping Up

That wraps up our article on fundraising strategies. In this competitive world, everyone takes appropriate measures to stand out and have an upper hand. As a fundraiser, you are standing up for the community. Hence, you should be fully charged to make a difference through your fundraising strategies. By implementing any of the above-listed strategies, you can gain an upper hand and gain more donations. 

GivingX is your to-go option when it is to donor management, free unlimited integrations, or managing everything related to fundraising from a single platform. GivingX is equipped with the essential resource to create fundraising strategy and implement them. Check out GivingX’s features & pricing page to start making a difference now.