April 12, 2023

What is the Rule of Seven in Fundraising?

What is the Rule of Seven in Fundraising?

Seeking donations for causes you are associated with is no child’s play. There is no shortage of people who are ready to give to your cause. But you need to convince them before they are ready to donate. And this is where the challenge lies.

Technology has helped us advance our communication with donors. Now, you can easily start your crowdfunding campaign by creating an online donation page on the reliable custom fundraising software GivingX. You can also create custom forms and embed them on your website to collect donations. But before you seek donations directly, it is advisable to connect with potential donors at the initial stages and let them know about your organization and the causes you are associated with so that they trust you and are comfortable donating to the causes.

What is the Rule of Seven in fundraising?

The Rule of Seven is a well-known concept in fundraising that suggests that you should communicate with potential donors at least seven times before you seek donations or they are ready to donate. Why? This rule is based on the idea that building a meaningful relationship with the donor takes time and effort. Each interaction helps the donor move closer to making a gift.

In this article, we’ll explore the Rule of 7 and how it can be effectively applied to different communication channels to create successful fundraising campaigns.

1. Social media

Social media has become a popular way to connect with donors. As we have mentioned before, create an online donation page on GivingX and make use of its free unlimited integrations to set up your social media promotion strategy.

Regular posting and sharing stories about your nonprofit's impact can help you establish a loyal audience. Utilize your social media profiles to provide fundraising campaign updates, highlight successful initiatives, and showcase your team's work. Make an effort to interact with your followers by replying to their comments and messages.    

2. Newsletters

The advantage of creating your donation page on nonprofit fundraising software is that you can connect it with your email campaigns. Encourage visitors to sign up for newsletters. This is an excellent way to keep donors informed about your nonprofit’s activities. Send frequent updates about your organization’s causes, the projects you have undertaken, and their successes. Promote forthcoming events, volunteer opportunities, and ways for them to participate. 

Use the donor segmentation features on GivingX to segment the donors based on their location, giving frequency, interests, and so on. Send personalized newsletters about events near their location. Newsletters can also serve as a platform to encourage donations and urge readers to spread the word about your organization.

3. Print communication

As much as the world goes digital and you start your crowdfunding online, the print medium, thankfully, is still relevant for the older generation. It is an effective way of communicating with donors. Sending out annual reports, brochures, and other marketing materials helps donors learn more about your nonprofit. Use high-quality printing and design to create an engaging piece that stands out. 

Generate QR codes for different causes and print them on brochures so that a potential donor can easily learn more by scanning the code. The fundraising software GivingX has features to generate QR codes to help you raise funds effortlessly.   

4. Emails

When we discuss the most cost-effective way to communicate with donors, email always comes to mind. The first step in sending an email to get a favorable response is creating donor segments and sending personalized emails to specific audiences. It helps you build long-term relationships with donors and keep them informed about your nonprofit’s activities.

Strategize campaigns to share success stories and invite donors to participate in events. Track the response for different email list segments and constantly improve your campaigns.

5. Handwritten letters

Handwritten letters have their own charm in this digital age. They are a personal way to connect with donors. Taking time to write a personal letter shows that you value their support and would appreciate their contribution. Use this opportunity to send personalized birthday and anniversary cards, festival cards, and event invites. Insert brochures about the causes you work for so that they learn about the nonprofit and your contribution to society.

6. Personal calls

Gather all your volunteers and identify donors who have inquired about your nonprofit through emails or phone calls. These donors need a little bit of a nudge to change their minds about donating. Use this opportunity to share updates on your organization’s progress and answer any questions they may have. Invite them to events or encourage them to get involved in any of your causes. 

Personal calls are a great way to convert potential donors who are sitting on the fence. You can use the same strategy to convert one-time donors into recurring ones.

7. In-person meetings

Meeting with donors face-to-face allows you to build a stronger relationship and show them the impact of your causes. You can invite potential donors to a tour of your office or meet them at their offices or homes to talk to them about your nonprofit, its causes, and its progress. You can even share success stories and tell them how their donations can make an impact. Ask for feedback or guidance so that they feel like they are part of your nonprofit.

The Rule of Seven in fundraising is a proven concept because building a relationship with potential donors takes effort. Utilize different communication channels to reach your target audience.

Why create an online donation page on GivingX?

Create an online donation page on the custom fundraising software GivingX. It has all the features needed to create landing pages or embeddable donation forms. GivingX’s features and pricing make it a top pick for nonprofits looking to raise a successful fundraising campaign. With just 1.45% as the transaction fee, it is the lowest among all the popular fundraising software solutions available online. It freely integrates with Zapier and helps you get access to 5,000+ applications to manage your donor list, donations, social media sharing, event tickets, emails, donor CRM, payments, and much more.  

With GivingX, you can successfully apply the Rule of Seven in fundraising and convert potential donors into recurring donors for a lifetime.

  • Create donor segments to send personalized emails and messages.
  • Automate email campaigns and send segment-specific messages.
  • Create an online donation page and share it on social media.
  • Create donation forms and embed them on your website.
  • Automatic language translation to target potential donors based on a specific location

GivingX has all the features you need to set up fundraising campaigns and get donations. Once you’ve secured a donation, it’s important to show appreciation. 

Here are seven ways to say thank you to donors.  

  1. Newsletter: Include a personalized thank-you note in your next newsletter.
  2. Program Tour: Invite donors to a program tour to show them the impact of their gift.
  3. Handwritten Notes: Send a personalized thank-you note to express your gratitude.
  4. In-person Meeting: Schedule an in-person meeting to thank donors for their support.
  5. Invitation to Events: Invite donors to special events as a way of saying “thank you”.
  6. Birthday Cards: Send a birthday card to show donors that you value their support.
  7. Emails: Use personalized emails to express your gratitude and keep donors engaged.

Remember, your goal is not just to secure donations but to build a long-lasting relationship with donors. Your job doesn’t end with donations. In fact, it starts from there.


Building relationships with donors is crucial for the continuity of your causes. Follow the Rule of 7 to communicate with donors. Use the custom fundraising software GivingX to set up donation pages and create a communication channel with potential donors. Show appreciation to donors and keep them engaged and committed to your nonprofit’s mission for years to come.