February 09, 2023

What makes GivingX ideal for fundraising?

What makes GivingX ideal for fundraising?

How do you generally start your fundraising efforts? Once you’ve identified the cause and understood it well, you’ve got to prepare content that will motivate prospective donors to give. This, in itself, is a long process. However, many times, you are short of time, money, and people when it comes to actually asking for donations from various people.

Considering the limitations, you’ve got no choice but to use any tools at your disposal that will help you ease as well as magnify your efforts. Here’s where GivingX comes into the picture. This custom fundraising software has been built to help you crowdfund your way to reach your goals.

How should you choose your custom fundraising software?

Before you choose a custom fundraising software, you need to list your requirements. This shouldn’t take much time, but should cover the following points-

Donor experience

As your donors are going to be the end users of your software, the whole donation experience should be quick, seamless, to the point, and without any errors. The potential donors should be able to donate in any way they want- via PayPal, debit/credit card, wire transfer, etc. without any chance of fraud or the payment getting stuck. Besides, the whole process should be as short as possible, even a little delay can demotivate potential donors from donating. GivingX recognizes this and has created its donor portal to be as per donor expectations.

Back-end ease-of-use

The software’s back-end, too has to be easy to use. Not everyone is as tech-savvy as you are, and everyone should be able to use the back end without needing to learn anything. Your fundraising team should be able to interact with the donors or other features when given the backend rights.


Besides raising funds, your fundraising software should have other necessary features like live chat, scheduling appointments with your team, facilitating digital bidding, having a CRM and donor database, integrating with other services, and much more. With GivingX, you get all these features and much more in an integrated solution.


What do you do when you get unexpected traffic or donations to your cause? Of course, you’d love this, but your digital infrastructure should be able to collect all the donations and not get overwhelmed by the traffic. Your fundraising software should be scalable to the level where you can add new staff members, collect and store donor data and collect donations without any problems. At GivingX, we understand your scalability requirements and are always there to help you expand your digital infrastructure as per need.


With your limited resources, you cannot afford to sign up for unwanted surprises. Some crowdfunding services charge an initial set-up cost and have other costs depending on the use. If you don’t read the fine print, there are high chances they would demand additional funds for using the service beyond certain limits. At GivingX, all charges are based on the transactions, nothing is charged at registration. Check out our features and pricing to understand this better.


Based on your requirements, you would need to integrate third-party apps into your crowdfunding campaign. For instance, if you’re writing a piece on another platform, you could add a donate through the GivingX Donate Button feature which will redirect to the donation page. Besides this, there are other integrations that you’d need that include adding media from third-party websites, sending automated emails or messages, automating accounting, and much more. With GivingX, you could integrate most of the feature’s you’d need, just contact us to know more.


There will be times when you’d need some kind of support. Some features may not work the way you expect or there may be some error somewhere. If there’s no quick response from the support team, your entire campaign may come to a halt. At GivingX, we make sure to address all the challenges faced by you as soon as possible, even if you are using the portal to start crowdfunding for free.


In the end

GivingX has been created to help ANYONE fundraise for any cause. This could be education fundraising, family fundraising, nonprofit fundraising, and much more. The next time you’d need any help with your fundraising campaign, do consider crowdfunding through GivingX. After all, you don’t need to pay a penny, all the charges are to be paid from the donor’s contribution.