January 27, 2023

Which platforms are ideal for fundraising?

Which platforms are ideal for fundraising?

There are many platforms you could use when it comes to fundraising online. This helps you save time, effort, and money when it comes to your fundraising efforts, while also helping you reach out to a much larger audience. In fact, it is now almost impossible to raise funds for your cause if you aren’t using any sort of custom fundraising software or tool.

Benefits of Online Fundraising Platforms

When it comes to raising funds, an online fundraising platform helps you simplify the fundraising process by a huge margin. Let’s see the core benefits to start crowdfunding with such platforms.

You can raise funds from a wide audience- An online fundraising platform helps anyone with an internet connection to donate to your cause. With this, you can raise funds from practically any donor that you may otherwise not have had the chance to reach out to.

You can receive donations anytime and anywhere- As you receive donations online, your donors can donate from any device connected to the internet. Besides this, your donors can interact with your cause by creating donor profiles and contacting you to know more about your efforts.

You can easily track donor, accounting, and fundraising data- With a donation platform, you can track every penny that comes your way besides other details about your donors. This means you know who your donors are and can access their details from your database. You can also integrate this database into a CRM and sync your donation transactions with accounting software to comply with accounting rules.

Costs involved in online fundraising

Usually, most online fundraising platforms charge two types of fees-

Platform Fee- This is a fixed charge you need to pay to use the online fundraising platform.

Transaction/Processing Fee- Here, the donor is charged a fixed percentage as a transaction or processing fee, sometimes starting from or up to a certain limit.


Some great online fundraising platforms you could consider

GivingX- When it comes to crowdfunding ANY cause, GivingX offers almost everything you expect. This includes-

  • Accepting monthly donations
  • Automatic supporter SMS receipts
  • Recognize top sharers
  • Dynamic cause-sharing on social media
  • Mobile app for supporters and many more

GivingX allows you to crowdfund for almost everything- you could set up a campaign yourself, for a friend, or for any organization. GivingX allows you to integrate your fundraising campaign into your website and helps you accept donations from any source. Besides minimal transaction fees for the custom fundraising software, GivingX allows you to crowdfund for free using its platform. Check out its features to know more.

Donorbox- Another great fundraising platform, you can set up your donorbox account easily and quickly. Though they don’t charge an upfront fee, your donors would need to pay a cut for the various features it offers. Besides this, Donorbox also allows you to integrate other apps for a monthly cost. Donors can use this community fundraising platform to donate via Apple Pay, Google Pay, and other leading payment methods.

Fundly- This one’s ideal for smaller nonprofits. Here, you can create personalized domain and campaign pages. Fundly also allows you to manage events online. In fact, you can raise funds and track analytics whenever needed, besides sending out embeddable donation forms and buttons for event fundraising. Fundly has a per-transaction cost for donors. This is a little higher than its peers, but the service is great nonetheless.

OneCause- Mainly targeted for event fundraising, OneCause helps set up online campaigns, launch fundraisers, and grow the reach in the shortest possible time. There is a lot you could do with OneCause- mobile bidding and peer-to-peer fundraising are some of them. This online fundraising solution has three plans you could choose from, based on the level of your organization and your fundraising goals.

Summing Up

Besides these, there are many online fundraising platforms and software you could choose from. We’ve selected the best ones you could consider due to their popularity, features, and cost. After all, you’d want a fundraising platform that you could trust to collect donations around the clock and help you reach a larger pool of donors.