March 29, 2023

Why you need a donor database to scale your fundraising campaign

Why you need a donor database to scale your fundraising campaign

Are you an individual or a nonprofit organization using the traditional method of bookkeeping to manage your donor database? 

Are you someone who uses excel sheets to store and track donor information?

Well, time to bid farewell to these outdated methods. Why? They affect your productivity and prevent you from focusing on more pressing issues. When you are running a fundraiser, the major concern is collecting funds and diversifying them. So, we recommend not spending more time on something that can be completed effortlessly. 

When you utilize an outdated tool or method to manage your donors’ data, it costs you more time and human resources. Building trust with donors is very crucial for successful fundraisers in the long run. So, the best solution to this hassle is switching to a Donor CRM that manages your donor information from a single platform. 


What Is Donor CRM?

Donor CRM, also commonly termed CRM for Nonprofits, is software that allows nonprofits or fundraising individuals to store, track, and retrieve information related to donors. When someone mentions donor database software or donor management system, they are referring to Donor CRM. 

CRM (Customer Relationship Management) software is a common term in the business circle, with several businesses leveraging CRM tools to manage their customer relations. However, they are different from a Donor CRM. While a normal CRM focuses on profitable organizations, Donor CRM widens its scope for nonprofit organizations. We recommend signing up for a Donor CRM software like GivingX to manage your donor relations. 


Why You Need A Donor Database To Scale Your Fundraiser?

When you have the right donor database management software, you can streamline your fundraising. With the ideal fundraising software, you can retrieve donor information, save time, and boost your performance. Here, we have listed some of the top reasons why a donor database is the need of the hour. 

  • Detailed Donor Information 
  • Automated Process
  • Quick Retrieval Of History
  • Smooth Team Management
  • Plan Future Campaigns

Detailed Donor Information

When you have an organized donor database, you have all the donors’ information at your disposal. You can quit searching for or locating the right donor information without any delay. Be their phone number, email address, or last contact information - everything is present in the donor database. 

A good donor database contains the following information:

  • Demographic Information - Basic information pertaining to the donors like name, age, gender, location, contact information, educational background, family, and communication preferences
  • Hobbies / Interests - Through hobbies and interests, you can understand your donors better and carry out segmented campaigns based on their interests. 
  • Wealth Indicators - This helps you to assess the possible turnaround rate of a donor. A high-value donor is an important asset to your fundraisers. With donor management software, you can identify them. 
  • Nonprofit Involvement - Information such as a donor’s frequency of donation, donation history, and average contribution value helps you to strategize your campaigns. With this information, you can scale their nonprofit involvement. 

Automated Process

Automation has become an integral part of everyone’s life. Having custom fundraising software that automates your repetitive tasks saves time and human resources. When you run a nonprofit organization, you have to be cautious about where you delegate your funds and how you employ your human resources.

When you have fundraising software that recognizes top donors, launches campaigns, and sends reminders automatically - around 50% of your repetitive tasks are done. Your team can focus on more important tasks at hand. 

You can stop the manual data entry works related to your donors and concentrate on transforming the relationships into long-term partnerships. Through donor segmentation, you can launch custom campaigns in a jiffy that consumes a lot of time using manual segmentation. 

Quick Retrieval Of History

Wouldn’t it be great to have every interaction with your donors stored in a single place? You can definitely achieve it when you have custom fundraising software to assist you. Be it emails, phone calls, or text messages - leverage the Donor CRM software to keep track of all the information. 

You can record the smallest details associated with the interactions and make notes on upcoming appointments. When you have all this information, you can effortlessly analyze the behaviour of your donors. It is not limited to individual donor analysis. It includes carefully segmenting donors and analyzing their overall behaviour.

Through this information, you can also make efforts to rebuild your relationship with your donors and nurture them into loyal partnerships.

Smooth Team Management

Are you having trouble managing your team, or are you facing gaps in communication among your team members? Be it working from the office or remote work - a donor database makes the work of your team stress-free. As the database records every interaction, you can worry less about your employees missing out on information. 

A flexible donor CRM software empowers you to add team members and assign their roles. Through this, you can control the accessibility of your team and ensure data privacy among the employees. 

What happens when someone quits, and you store information on a doc or sheet? Isn’t it difficult to maintain continuity? With Donor management software, you can effortlessly maintain the workflow without any disruptions. 

Plan Future Campaigns

Any campaign becomes a success if you earn more than what you spend. The same applies to fundraising campaigns. You wouldn’t want your marketing efforts to cost more when you are running fundraising for a greater cause. Hence, it is essential to run scalable and sustainable campaigns.

Nonprofits can achieve both scalability and sustainability through efficient donor CRM software. With this CRM, you can make a list of donors who have donated or those who are potential givers. Based on these data, you can customize your campaign and gain a better outreach.

One of the main factors for a profitable campaign is to understand the giver’s journey with your organization. Technology will be your ally in helping you understand the journey and assess the probability of long-term loyal partnerships. 

Benefits Of GivingX Donor CRM

GivingX is a donor-friendly CRM software that moves your fundraisers to the next level. It has the most useful features without which your fundraising would be incomplete. Let us list the top features that make GivingX stand out from the others. 

Multiple Integrations - GivingX boosts your CRM experience with 5000+ integrations through Zapier. Be it software of any type - you can easily utilize this platform to create a unified network with all data under one roof. 

Quick Migration - We have an expert team to help you migrate your data from your legacy platform. Be it an excel sheet, CRM, or any other source - we have the resources to assist you with the migration.

Affordable Pricing - We do not stick to one size fits all. We have a price chart designed to accommodate nonprofits of any size. You can go through our affordable pricing chart and choose the best option to manage your fundraiser.

Smart Functions: We have built our features to cater to the requirements of nonprofit organizations. With GivingX, you can create custom donation forms, create online donation pages, and start your crowdfunding.

CRM For Nonprofits -  The scope of our CRM is for Nonprofit organizations. So, have no concerns about the design or features. We have built our platform to work side by side with nonprofit organizations. 

Excellent Support - Do you have any queries on the onboarding? (or) Are you facing issues while using the software? Message us right away. Our support team is available to help you with any queries or issues. 

GivingX is your to-go option to bridge the gap between your organization and technology. Our easy-to-use and flexible software decreases your business woes and increases your productivity. With our Donor CRM, you can effortlessly increase donor conversion and retention rate, making your fundraising a successful event. 

Wrapping Up

You have to be cautious before choosing the right Donor CRM for your charity cause. There is no advantage in going for an expensive CRM that does not have the features you need. Go for the CRM which meets your requirements and falls within your budget.  While you can create custom donation forms, create online donation pages, and start your crowdfunding with GivingX, these are our fundamental features. We also have a wide array of features that makes your fundraisers a smooth process.