Features & Pricing Custom Fundraising Software

All Inclusive

zero out of pocket cost + 1.45% platform fee

No out of pocket fees. Let donors cover the 1.45% platform fee through donor checkout. Donors can cover platform + processing fees. All features included at no additional cost.

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Add Team Members
Accept Monthly Donations
Allow Donors To Cover The Platform And Processing Fees
Create Custom Fundraising Campaigns
Automate Donor Receipts
Add Your Media
Create Donation Forms
Embed Donation Forms On Your Website
Donor Management CRM
Dynamic Sharing Across Social Media
Donors Can Leave Comments
Export Donor Information
Mobile App For Easy Supporter
View Analytics (coming soon)
Recognize Top Supporters (coming soon)
Crowdfund as a nonprofit or individual (coming soon)
Recognize Recent Supporters (coming soon)
Send Email or Text Updates To Your Donors (coming soon)
Send Customized Marketing Emails (coming soon)