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Flood Relief Camp
509 Reviews
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  • Ádomás

    Simply amazing.GivingX was a savior during our crisis.We set up a page and it was active within a day.The donations helped us tide over the challenge.

  • Anders

    GivingX was a god-sent boon for our son’s education. We had lost all hope. Someone suggested raising money through GivingX. It helped us immensely.

  • Brien

    God can’t be everywhere, so He sent us GivingX. We desperately needed funds for my mom’s surgery. GivingX provided us a platform to collect money and give her the necessary treatment successfully.

  • Calista

    I seriously don’t know what it would have been if not for GivingX.We successfully raised money for our pet’s medical treatment.I can’t thank the GivingX team enough.

  • Ezekiel

    We, a group of friends, decided to raise money to fund our college’s sports team to travel and participate in a tournament.GivingX made it easy.I highly recommend it to be used for charitable causes.